Friday, July 8, 2016

The ABC's of Literally Liz

So, no, I haven't blogged since last year. Yes, I am just going to dive back in with a stolen little get-to-know-me piece since it's been so long and this blog barely knows me anymore.

Without further adieu...

A - Age: twenty five! But I'll be twenty six this year (in 3 months actually...) which is equally exciting as it is terrifying. #adulting

B - Biggest Fear: Being stalked. Nothing freaks me out more than the idea that someone is following me around without my knowledge. And knowing all the things I do and...ugh. I blame all my "Unsolved Mysteries" watching as a kid for this one...

C - Current Time - Right now it's 3:37PM, but when I post this it'll probably be a completely different day. Yay for planned posts! Haha

D - Drink you last had - Coke from McDonald's. Health is obviously extremely important to me...

E - Every day starts with - my God awful alarm? ...and iced coffee, definitelyyy iced coffee.

F - Favorite song - EVER? That's real tough seeing as I love so many different types of music. Currently I'm loving, "Bacon" by Nick Jonas, "Wherever I Go" by One Republic, and "Controlla" by Drake.

Monday, December 14, 2015

NYC Adventure Time!

Hey guys. Remember me?! I used to blog once upon a time...

My life has been a whirlwind these past few months to say the least. I've had really amazing, beautiful times that I wished would never end and I've had really terrible, ugly times that I couldn't wish to get over fast enough. But that's what makes us who we are, right? However, I think that's a blog post for another time and place, I've got a lot going on in my noggin that's begging to be written out... :)

The good news is I'm back! I'm going for a less structured schedule now - I think the main reason I stopped blogging in the first place is because I would fail making my own deadlines and become discouraged. So now, I will write posts when I feel I have something important to share with the interwebz. Quality not quantity, amiright?!

Now, for the subject at hand. I went on a little adventure to the big apple yesterday with my mother. We went in to see the play Spring Awakening; what was unique about this show though, was that it was presented in American Sign Language along with the original music. I actually took an American Sign Language class in college, so I was really intrigued to see how it would translate to the audience in conjunction with actual song and lyrics, which have a folk-rock influence.

Sunday, May 31, 2015


Heyyy guys. I know it's been awhile and I insist on doing more than my weekend recap posts, but I just haven't been able to get myself together to do that. Ha. I swear I'm gonna do it this week though, I bought a ton of stuff shopping today (woops...) so I NEED to do a haul. Like, actually need to.

Anyway - let me get on with the weekend recap. Friday I headed down the shore again to hang with my friend. We actually planned on hitting the beach Saturday morning but while it was like 85 degrees inland, on the beach it was like 65 and windy as all, fail. ANWAY, Friday night we just headed out to downtown Asbury Park. Such a great place to chill and eat - the cutest places EVER. First we hit a Chinese-American bar/eatery called Happyness. We just nibbled on a couple snacks and had ourselves a nice little fish bowl. We got the Blue Hawaiian, which pretty much tasted like heaven. Or what I imagine Hawaii to taste like, I guess. Since Happyness didn't really have dinner-type food we headed two doors down to Talula's to grab a little pizza. It was SO delicious and they were also screening West Side Story on the wall - so wins all around really. By that time it was like 10:30 and us oldies were ready to get home and in bed, especially since the night got a little bit chilly.

Monday, May 25, 2015

MONday Funday - MDW Edition

Heyyy internet friends! Hope everyone has had a marvelous Memorial Day Weekend! Although it's lovely to have days off from work and hang out down the shore, try to keep in mind the real reason for Memorial Day and appreciate the people who dedicate their lives to the military and keeping this country safe.

Anyways, just going to do a quick weekend recap for you as I feel horrid today, sadly. :(

Friday evening I headed down the shore via a PACKED south bound train. All those bennys... (Although I am technically one, but I lived down by the beach for school for years so I'm no longer counting myself as one.) Misery. But I made it down to my friends new place in nearly no time and was ready to get the weekend started. So we walked down to Parker House in Sea Girt around 8, but there was already a cover (and we were going back the next day...), so we decided to just hang out and drink some cider at my friends. It was nice to just sit around and talk with friends. Here's a photo from the walk in Sea Girt. I thought I edited it pretty nicely.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Funday - OOTD Cas Fridays

Hey internet friends! I'm skipping the usual weekend recap post this weekend as I haven't documented or done much that would be of interest here. (I know, I know, I haven't been a good blogger these days!) Also, I figured I haven't written a fashion post in awhile and I was quite pleased with my outfit on Friday so I figured I'd throw it up here for you lovely people.

I'm calling this one my Cas Friday look. My office is quite lenient about their business casual dress code, so I'm not sure this would work for everyone that works in an office - but if you wanted you could certainly swap the jeans with white linen pants and the flip flops for flats and get more or less the same effect. :)