Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Funday - November 30th

And so we have reached the start of another week! (A full one at work, unfortunately. Sigh.)

With the start of the week comes my Sunday Funday post!

First of all - I hope everyone's Thanksgivings were filled with love, family, and lots and lots of food. Maybe football if you're into that sort of thing. I, for one, am not. Haha. 

I had a very quiet Thanksgiving at home where my mom cooked for my dear grandmother and I. We had lots of fun chatting around the table over a feast and then my favorite, grandma's homemade pumpkin pie for dessert. (YUMMM.) I am super thankful to have two strong, independent women as my sole role models in life. #GirlPower

Next subject; Black Friday.
Although I am a self-confessed shopaholic - I can never bring myself to participate in the absolute madness that is Black Friday. I suffer from anxiety when it comes to extreme crowds of people so I prefer to not get myself involved in that craziness. However, if that's what you love, then you do that shit! No judgments here! This is not to say I didn't participate in Black Friday at all - of course I was all up in the online sales. I was fortunate enough to make two awesome purchases!

First up - Aldo
I have been searching high and low for a pair of low (3 1/2 to 4 inch) black suede kitten heel boots, in a style that I had a couple years ago. Unfortunately it seems that these are nowhere to be found. So  I decided to purchase some synthetic leather boots in both black and brown for work. I also purchased a set of earrings because I'm kind of obsessed with the jewelry at Aldo - has anyone ever checked it out?! It's all SO CUTE. (Ahem, and affordable.)

Next up, Express
I have always loved clothes from Express - but think they are HIGHLY overpriced for the quality you get. Thankfully they have a lot of 50% off sales. I needed some long sleeved work- appropriate shirts and another pair of jeans; at only five feet tall, I only have so many choices to buy jeans that are cut shorter. And Express is one of them.

Super excited to receive my Black Friday online purchases. Should probably think about doing more Christmas shopping though...

Saturday, my mother and I went to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular in NYC. My mom has been wanting to go for quite some time, and I have to admit I have too. We have never gone and I thought it would be a great thing to do on this long weekend. (However cold it was...BRR!) 
You have to admit though - there is NOTHING like NYC during Christmas time. The energy there is incomparable. 

We went to the 2 o'clock show, so we ventured into the city to have lunch first. We went to an absolutely adorable little eatery called, Pasta Lover's Trattoria (142 West 49th St. Between 6th and 7th Ave) The place was all decorated for Christmastime and the pizza was phenom! I even managed to snap a couple pics while there.

Of course I had to take some pics around Radio City Music Hall of all the cute Christmas decorations as well.

Obviously Radio City Music Hall is absolutely gorgeous. There is a HUGE chandelier as soon as you walk in - it's amazing. The show is one of a kind, and I can't imagine how hard those Rockettes work! The precision that they dance with unbelievable. It's a fantastic show and I definitely recommend it to everyone so you can get into the Christmas spirit. Remember, Santa is always watching!

(Apparently Elmo and Mario hang out together on the reg? Who knew...)

(Shoutout to this guy in the bottom right corner of my this picture. #ruined)

Overall I had a great long weekend with my family. I got in lots of quality time cuddling my sweet cat, Kittie, as well as time with my mom and grandma - which means the world to me. So not looking forward to a full week at work during the busiest time of the year. But we do have to make money if we want to be able to buy all the Christmas presents!

Here's hoping everyone has a great start to their week! I'll be back tomorrow with an all new Music Monday!

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*Disclaimer: I was running late and forgot to bring my legit camera - so these pictures are all brought to you via my iPhone 5s. Lame, I know.*

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

On Wednesdays We Wear... November 26th

Ahhh, we've made it! Wednesday, aka Friday this week. Amen to that.
However, NOT amen to the weird rain/snow/sleet situation central New Jersey is undertaking right now. Slush errywhere.

Now on to the post I have been looking MOST forward to; #ootw! If you know anything about me, it's probably that I love posting #ootds on Instagram. No shame in my game - I love putting outfits together and if I think an outfit looks great, then the Instagram world needs to know!

So excited to share this one with you guys!

Sweater - Delia's
Generally I would never set foot in that store but I was desperate to find a coat and I happened upon this adorable sweater so I snatched that baby up! I mean seriously, is the bow not the cutest thing you've ever seen?! Just goes to show you never know when you're gonna find a treasure!

(Faux) Leather Leggings - Forever 21
Pretty sure I bought these for like $12 years ago and I've been obsessed with them ever since. Loving the leather trend that's going on. Makes me feel like a badass. *insert sunglass wearing emoji here*

Shoes - Fergalicious
Got these as a steal at DSW - I own a gray and taupe pair as well! Perfect shoes for work. (If you work in an office or somewhere with a business casual dress code)

Bag - Dailylook
This is a great Céline lookalike bag. Because let's be real - who can afford a REAL Céline? (Sigh, maybe someday.) But really, this a great tote to take from work to wherever else you may be going! Super roomy and comes with a removable shoulder strap.

Earrings - Aldo, Bracelets - Alex and Ani, Watch - Kate Spade

Hope you enjoyed this week's edition of "On Wednesday's We Wear..." Can't wait to see what other outfits I can cook up for you lovely people.

Everyone enjoy your Thanksgiving dinners tomorrow and remember to eat to your little heart's content! (And also to be thankful for all the positive things in your life. Heck, maybe even the negative too - because everything happens for a reason right?) Maybe I'll pop back in tomorrow to report back on how my Thanksgiving went. Let the holidays begin!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Beauty Tuesday - November 25th

We've made it as far as Tuesday this week! Only a short work day stand between me and my holidays.

This will be my first Beauty Tuesday post and I'm very excited to share it with you. I hope to highlight about 2 of my current favorite products per week. I'd love to share more each week, but if I did that I may run out of things to write about! (Makeup can get pretty costly you know!)

Makeup is my favorite hobby. I've taught myself most of what I know from YouTube believe it or not. My favorite YouTube beauty vloggers are CaseyNicole, and Meg. Click their names to check out their channels - but be warned you could be sitting there watching them for hours on end, they're pretty addicting!

This week's Beauty Tuesday is a MAC Attack. Both of my current obsessions are MAC products. 

First up, MAC Lipglass Set from the Objects of Affection Collection ($35)
In color Pink + Plum

I was in Bloomingdale's the other day with my friend and obviously found myself in front of the MAC counter, because what kind of makeup addict would I be if I wasn't there? These lip glasses immediately caught my eye, but the price said $35 for Pink+Plum, Nude+Red, and Nude+Coral, so I assumed you would only be getting 2 lip glasses for $35. I was pleasantly surprised when the consultant told me that was for all 4 in each set! In this set you get 1 Dazzle Glass and 3 Cremesheen Glasses. The Cremesheen glass colors are Fashion Scoop, Pagoda, and Loud and Lovely (pictured individually above - my personal favorite!) The Dazzle glass color you get is Rags To Riches. I have always loves MAC lip glosses, the Cremesheen ones are pigmented - but not too pigmented and go perfectly over both light and dark lipsticks. I have not yet tried the dazzle glass, but it looks like it would be a great choice for holidays and parties. For this price - I say this is a must for any beauty lover! (Plus the box it comes in is gorgeous - obsessed!)

Second, MAC 'Prep + Prime Highlighter ($26)
In color Light Boost

I cannot rave about this concealer enough. I love it so much for under eye concealing (the bags under my eyes are REAL some mornings...) but unfortunately due to the price I do not use this daily and reserve it for special occasions when I really don't want my concealer to budge. I have a very fair complexion, so I use the lightest color, Light Boost. I put it underneath each of my eyes (in an upside down triangle) the I use it to highlight my nose, just above my nose, and chin, then I blend it out with a Beauty Blender. This concealer blends flawlessly and is high coverage, without being thick and cakey. I highly recommend this to anyone with under eye bag situations going on. (We've all been there.)

I hope you've enjoyed the first edition of Beauty Tuesday! 
Next up, fashion post. Can't wait everyone!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Music Monday - November 24th

Happy Monday dolls!

Trekking into work this morning was certainly quite the task. Rainy weather = wanting to stay in bed for the duration of the day, but alas there is money to be made. (To support my shopaholic tendencies, but you'll learn about those later...)

Welcome to my first Music Monday! 

I generally pride myself on my musical taste which literally ranges from Imagine Dragons to One Direction, to Ed Sheeran, (swoon) to The Weeknd, to Hunter Hayes. I'll give just about anything a try, I even went through a screamo phase. (It was a dark time in my life...)
I hope to highlight four or so of my current songs each week - give or take, cause when I love a song I'll listen to it for weeks on repeat. (And then it's dead. Ooops.)

All About It (Featuring Ed Sheeran) - Hoodie Allen
Naturally this is a current favorite because Ed Sheeran is more or less my life. I'm actually unhealthily obsessed with him but I suppose that's neither here nor there, since this is really Hoodie Allen's song. (Who, not so surprisingly, I recently became slightly obsessed with as well.) It's a pretty typical pop/rap song. In that the lyrics don't really have anything to do with each other, but they rhyme and get stuck in your head. Perfect as a single for this album. They recently made the music video for it too, and it's funny as hell. 
Favorite Lyric; "I just wanna leak shit, not literally leak shit, I wanna push the music through the speakers." 

Change Your Ticket - One Direction 
This is my favorite song off the whole FOUR album. Which is really good, I mean I get it's 1D and everything, but give it an honest chance! It's just catchy and dancey as all hell and I LOVE it. Each Directioner helped to write this little tune. I kind of feel like this song is about a girl being a little whore for them which isn't that great of a message - but just forget that and dance to your little heart's content. 
Favorite lyric; "Don't play innocent, I know what you meant when you said you'd come over." 

Often - The Weeknd
Okay granted I literally just heard this song for the first time yesterday, but I'm already pretty much obsessed. I listened to it on repeat for about 45 minutes before I went to sleep last night. If you've heard any songs by The Weeknd this is his general style. The lyrics make little to no sense and have everything to do with drugs and alcohol - but hey, the beat is amazing.
Favorite lyric; "The night's almost done, but I see your eyes, you wanna go again."

Human Contact - Catey Shaw
I don't know what it is about this song but it just makes me want to give a concert to my bedroom. It's such a fun, different kind of song. And unlike the previous two actually has somewhat of an important lesson to it - just listen to music and stop arguing. :)
Favorite lyric; "You want to tell me everything that's wrong, but I'm so distracted cause they're playin' my favorite song."

I hope you enjoyed my first Music Monday post! I'm looking forward to sharing my favorite music with everyone weekly. Comment some of your favorite songs as well!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

First Post Ever! Sunday Funday - November 23rd

Hello and welcome to my little slice of the internet, Literally Liz. 

Seeing as this is my very first post I'd like to start out by introducing myself.

My name is Liz. (Quite obviously...) I'm a 24 year old living with my mom in the heart of New Jersey, just kidding, New Jersey doesn't have a heart. (But I do live there.) I have a BA in Communication from the lovely Monmouth University, where yes, I do believe most of my tuition money went to the landscaping. But at least I have this great piece of paper that boasts I know about communicating. By day I am a Customer Service Representative, but by night I'm a wild and crazy party animal. Just kidding. I pretty much surf social media whilst on the couch with my cat, online shop, and occasionally hang out with friends. I suggest everyone check out my "Meet Me!" page here.

So what is this blog about and why are you here reading it? Hopefully it's because I'm hilarious and a great writer. But really I'm here to write a tiny bit about my daily life, and mostly about some of my passions which include but are not limited to; music, makeup, and fashion.

Let me break down how I anticipate my blog schedule to go;
Sunday Funday (aka not a fun day cause I have to go to work tomorrow) - where I recap my weekend for you and let you know what's going on for the week.
Music Monday (yes I like alliteration and rhyming...) - where I review new music (or at least new to me) and lend my opinion on current events in pop culture, because I do in fact watch E! News every night...Catt Sadler and Giuliana Rancic wuddup?!
Beauty Tuesday (that doesn't really rhyme but just go with it.) - where I'll detail current makeup obsessions, my personal tips and tricks, and maybe throw in some favorite skin care products/routines.
On Wednesdays We Wear... - This is where I'll share my favorite #ootw (outfit of the week), and write about my feelings on current fashion trends.
Thursdays I may do a random post about what's going on in my life...I didn't have any clever titles for that one, but if you do I'm all ears!

In the spirit of my first Sunday Funday post I'll do a little weekend recap for you beautiful humans. 
Let me start out by saying that Fridays during the winter are a particularly hard situation for me; I'm generally tired from the work week and the fact that it's already dark at noon practically makes me want to get home from work and crawl into bed with some Pringles. However, on this particular Friday a couples of my friends were all like "hey I want nachos from Stagehouse" and I was all like "yeah nachos are infinitely better than Pringles." And so to Stagehouse is we went. Where you can probably guess they have the best nachos in all the land. Here's photographic evidence of how amazing they are.

These nachos were gone in about 5 minutes flat and I really have no shame admitting that. Unfortunately nothing majorly interesting happened while we were there, usually this place is filled to the brim with drunk dancing moms, but apparently they all stayed in for the night. Also there was no DJ, lame.

Saturday my friend and I followed suit of about half of the world and saw Mockingjay Part 1.

As someone who read this trilogy quite awhile ago, I have to say I was a little disappointed in this movie. It kind of feels like they split the last book into two movies just to milk this franchise for all it's worth. Of course I really won't complain about staring up at Liam Hemworth for another movie after this though...

Anyway, as per usual Jennifer Lawrence really nailed the extreme emotional turmoil Katniss is going through in this part of the story. Josh Hutcherson really turned up the emotion as well, for what little amount his character gets to be in this movie. Also have to say I loved Julianne Moore as President Coin, she was very stern and stoic, just as I imagined her to be while I was reading the book. 
The effects in this movie are also worth noting. They're fantastic; the hovercrafts and weaponry are so intricate and real-looking, it's unbelievable what they can do with entertainment these days.
Overall I liked the movie, but I can't wait to see what they do with the actual ending of this book. If you don't know what happens I suggest you read the books immediately - it's a doozy!

Anyway, looking forward to this short work week and then every fat kid's favorite holiday - Thanksgiving! Is everyone else looking forward to all of the stuffing and biscuits they can possibly fit in their bodies?...or is that just me?

Here's hoping everyone has a great beginning of the week! I'll be back tomorrow to talk about some music and celebrities (One Direction anyone?)