Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Beauty Tuesday - November 25th

We've made it as far as Tuesday this week! Only a short work day stand between me and my holidays.

This will be my first Beauty Tuesday post and I'm very excited to share it with you. I hope to highlight about 2 of my current favorite products per week. I'd love to share more each week, but if I did that I may run out of things to write about! (Makeup can get pretty costly you know!)

Makeup is my favorite hobby. I've taught myself most of what I know from YouTube believe it or not. My favorite YouTube beauty vloggers are CaseyNicole, and Meg. Click their names to check out their channels - but be warned you could be sitting there watching them for hours on end, they're pretty addicting!

This week's Beauty Tuesday is a MAC Attack. Both of my current obsessions are MAC products. 

First up, MAC Lipglass Set from the Objects of Affection Collection ($35)
In color Pink + Plum

I was in Bloomingdale's the other day with my friend and obviously found myself in front of the MAC counter, because what kind of makeup addict would I be if I wasn't there? These lip glasses immediately caught my eye, but the price said $35 for Pink+Plum, Nude+Red, and Nude+Coral, so I assumed you would only be getting 2 lip glasses for $35. I was pleasantly surprised when the consultant told me that was for all 4 in each set! In this set you get 1 Dazzle Glass and 3 Cremesheen Glasses. The Cremesheen glass colors are Fashion Scoop, Pagoda, and Loud and Lovely (pictured individually above - my personal favorite!) The Dazzle glass color you get is Rags To Riches. I have always loves MAC lip glosses, the Cremesheen ones are pigmented - but not too pigmented and go perfectly over both light and dark lipsticks. I have not yet tried the dazzle glass, but it looks like it would be a great choice for holidays and parties. For this price - I say this is a must for any beauty lover! (Plus the box it comes in is gorgeous - obsessed!)

Second, MAC 'Prep + Prime Highlighter ($26)
In color Light Boost

I cannot rave about this concealer enough. I love it so much for under eye concealing (the bags under my eyes are REAL some mornings...) but unfortunately due to the price I do not use this daily and reserve it for special occasions when I really don't want my concealer to budge. I have a very fair complexion, so I use the lightest color, Light Boost. I put it underneath each of my eyes (in an upside down triangle) the I use it to highlight my nose, just above my nose, and chin, then I blend it out with a Beauty Blender. This concealer blends flawlessly and is high coverage, without being thick and cakey. I highly recommend this to anyone with under eye bag situations going on. (We've all been there.)

I hope you've enjoyed the first edition of Beauty Tuesday! 
Next up, fashion post. Can't wait everyone!

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