Monday, December 15, 2014

Music Monday - December 15th

Hellooo good people of the internet.

We have managed to get through yet another Monday. Almost didn't think I'd make it for awhile there but I came out pretty unscathed. And I am ready to throw some tunes at you.

As per usual we're gonna go with a Christmas-y song first. And trust guys are gonna love this one. It's the one and only, the Biebs.

Mistletoe - Justin Bieber
Let's all just try to remember the time when Justin was still an innocent pre-pubescent boy and not getting arrested for drinking sizzurp. Ahhh, that's better. Now we can just sit back and enjoy this acoustic, festive little song. Always gets me in the Christmas spirit. (I'm also a big fan of his version of All I Want for Christmas is You with Mariah Carey...wait did I just admit that publicly?)
Favorite Lyric; "Cause I am feeling one thing; your lips on my lips, that's a merry, merry Christmas."
(Feels kinda funny picking a favorite lyric from such ridiculously silly ones lol)

Sugar - Chris Jamison (The Voice)
This is one of those songs that I got really obsessed with really quick. And I also have to listen to it ten times in a row every single time I listen to it. This is actually a Maroon 5 song, but I truly love Chris' version a lot more than the original. It could just be that I love Chris a lot though, whenever he performs I end up LOVING the crap out of the song he sings. It's such a feel good, get up and dance kind of song. JUST SO GOOD.
Favorite Lyric; "I want that sugar sweet. Don't let nobody touch it, unless that somebody's me."

Wild Heart - Bleachers
If you're a fan of the band fun. then you're going to love Bleachers. (If you aren't yet already familiar with his song "I Wanna Get Better") Bleachers is the stage name of Jack Antonoff - from the band fun. (obviously) and his album Strange Desire is pure magic to the ears. I cannot get enough of it. I listen to it almost as much as I listen to Sugar by Chris Jamison... Definitely give Bleachers a try, it's a different kind of pop, with sort of electronic mixed in as well. It's hard to describe, but I do know it's great.
Favorite lyric; "And as I sat with the echoes of the lies that I told, I felt young, never changed by crooked hearts."

Make It Rain - Ed Sheeran
Naturally if you live on planet Earth you've probably heard this song. I actually don't watch Sons of Anarchy but I know this song was on it and it shot up the iTunes charts. Of course I'm a little biased and think that everything Ed puts out is a stroke of genius...but this song is undeniably pretty epic. It's just so powerful and makes me feel like I can approach life head on. And who doesn't love songs like that?
Favorite Lyric; "Even though I know this fire brings me pain, even so, and just the same, make it rain."

Hope everyone enjoyed today's selections! I'll be back tomorrow with some beauty products I'm currently loving. Have a fabulous Tuesday guys!

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