Monday, December 8, 2014

Music Monday - December 8th

Anddd another Monday has come and gone. Hope everyone's was not as stressful as mine was, because I'm pretty sure by the end of this year I'm just gonna have no hair from pulling it out all day whilst stressed. #overit

Anywho, I'm here to bring some new (or maybe not so new) tunes to you guys. Shall we just jump right in?

It's the second Monday in December so we're going to start off with one of my favorite Christmas songs brought to you by none other than the queen of pop. It's Britney (bitch.)

My Only Wish (This Year) - Britney Spears
If you're a 20 something like me than this song was plastered all over your AIM away messages every single Christmas season. Don't deny it - we've all been there. 
I'm a sucker for all the pop-cutesy Christmas songs, and not so much a fan of the classics, so naturally this throwback is one of my favorites! 
Favorite Lyric; "Seems like everyone but me is in love. Santa can you hear me?"

Now onto the more current stuff!

Eyelashes - Tori Kelly
I discovered Tori Kelly when she opened up for Ed Sheeran at MSG last year. Honestly I wasn't expecting much when I first saw her and was kind of disappointed Ed didn't bring some other cute British boy to open up for him, but when she started singing I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing she really was. What's great about Tori Kelly is, the way she sounds in her recordings is exactly how she sounds live. She has raw talent, which is pretty rare these days so I really respect that. Eyelashes is from her first EP (Handmade Songs By Tori Kelly) but I also highly recommend her second EP (Foreword) I believe she's coming out with a full length album soon. You may see her on MTV as a featured artist as well.
Favorite Lyric; "There are no words to say whenever you are near. I try to be myself but she just disappears. I'm nothing like those other girls, I am so weird."

Reason - Emblem3
I accidentally discovered this song on Spotify when I decided to listen to Emblem3 after I had completely forgotten about them since X Factor and became immediately OBSESSED with it. This song isn't on their album, I have no clue why since it has the potential to be a hit, but it's on their EP "Songs From The Couch Vol. 1" (which also contains really great songs like Tequila Sunrise) I just think the way Wesley sings is so beautiful. I've repeatedly asked him to marry me via Twitter and I have yet to get a response. #rude 
Also I read that Drew left the band to pursue a solo career. (Sad face) But I believe Wesley and Keaton are still producing music as Emblem3! (happy face) 
Favorite Lyric; "I say you are all I want tonight, I say you are all I need. Yeah, my world it turns to see your smile."

Last but not least I figured I'd throw in a wildcard rap song. I get a little hood every now and again.
IDFWU - Big Sean
I believe I've previously expressed my love for Big Sean here when I mentioned Ariana last Music Monday, but I'm expressing it again now, because I just love Big Sean that much. This song is just a great hip hop anthem. In fact, I sometimes wish I could just play this song when certain people approach me in life. HA. I think everyone can relate to the message of this song; you just just don't f with some people. *insert red 100 emoji here* #IDFWU
Favorite Lyric; I got a million trillion things I'd rather f*ckin do, than to be f*ckin with you."

Hope you enjoyed getting a snippet into my vast vault of favorite songs. I'll be back tomorrow to talk about some of my current favorite beauty products. (Truthfully I haven't even given though to what I'm gonna feature...might wanna get on that.) 

Have a relaxing Monday night and pleasant Tuesday morning everyone! 


  1. My Only Wish by Brittany! Yes! Love these choices :)

    1. I was struggling to think of a Christmas song for this week and Britney popped into my head! Ha. Thanks for reading as always!


  2. Hey hope you be less stressed, I love the Britney's song, perfect for this season!
    Check my blog :)

    1. Thank you so much! And thanks for reading. :)
      Sure will check out your blog!