Monday, December 22, 2014

Music Monday - NSYNC Christmas and Chris Jamison

And so another Monday has come and gone - I can't believe how quickly December has been passing! Before you know it I'll be blogging about how it's 2015!

This will be my last music Monday featuring a Christmas song - so I tried to make this one the most festive yet...

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays - NSYNC
I mean...this is just a classic. You literally cannot help but bop around when this song comes on. I remember being so completely thrilled when I got NSYNC's Christmas album the year it came out. I pretty much felt like the coolest kid on the block... Not to mention the music video for this song is just to die for.
Favorite Lyric; "It's a wonderful feeling. Feel the love in the room from the floor to the ceiling."

Wait On Me - Rixton
Really loving this song as of late. Just a super catchy pop song. It actually kind of reminds me of reggae a little bit too. Bu you know, the kind of song that I'm always obsessed with. Haha. I've loved Rixton since they appeared on the scene with Me and My Broken Heart. And of course they're British and you know anything that's British is cool.
Favorite Lyric; "A little trouble never hurt nobody."

Bad Intentions - Niykee Heaton
Like I discover most of my music - I discovered Niykee through a Spotify playlist of top pop songs. (cause pop music is my guilty pleasure OBVI) Then I found out she came from YouTube and has done a bunch of awesome hip-hop inspired covers. I definitely recommend you look them up, they're pretty amazing. I love her voice, I think it's really chill and unique. I also reallyyy love the lyrics to this song, they're just personally really relatable for me.
Favorite Lyric; "But after everything I still believe in true love. Not being able to find it, damn it tears me up, and I know it's my fault."

Velvet - Chris Jamison
If it's not apparent by me writing about him almost every music Monday, I love Chris Jamison. I'm reallyyy hoping he gets a career that takes off from this show - because he has the potential to be really great. He has a great voice, a good look, and a cool young fan base. He's like another Justin Timberlake but not as pompous. This song is just so damn good, I practically memorized all the lyrics within hours. I dare you to not get addicted to it!
Favorite Lyric; "Your body should be mine to touch. I fit the rhythm your body's givin' and once I get there..."

That concludes this edition of music Monday. I'll be back tomorrow to discuss some beauty products with you beautiful people. Hope everyone has a great Tuesday out there in the world!


  1. Replies
    1. Haha! The absolute best, it's all I've been listening to today! Have a great holiday dear! :)


  2. I love NSYNC Christmas! I still jam out to that CD. Great selections!

    1. Haha it was all I could listen to today! So good! Thanks for reading. Have a great holiday girly! :)