Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Funday - December 7th

Hello and welcome to another Sunday Funday at Literally Liz!

Not looking forward to another full week at work but gotta do what I gotta do! And cherish the last little part of Sunday I have left.

Sooo, let's recap my weekend, shall we?

Friday night - as per usual I hit up Stagehouse with a couple friends for some AO's (Angry Orchards) and food. There was a DJ and drunk dancing moms though - so I'd call it a relatively successful night.

Delicious food, their fries are the best. Life is good.

Saturday it was raining again - seriously it rained for like a week straight here and it was really depressing. So I just stayed in with my kitty and watched If I Stay. I had read the two books earlier this year on my flights to and from Europe and totally forgot I never saw the movie so I decided now was as good a time as ever to do so! 
I liked the movie and thought the casting was pretty great - however it's just too hard to convey the love between Mia and Adam without the words in the book. The books just explained how serious their connection was and no amount of acting could measure up to that. But regardless I was crying all over the place and was mostly pleased with the movie. Bonus is it has a phenomenal soundtrack! I just purchased it on iTunes!
PS - wonder if they're planning on making the sequel "Where She Went" - think that would be super interesting to see. 
Definitely recommend these books if you're in the market for something to read, they're quick reads.

Then today all I did was hit Harmon for some Sunday shopping! Check out all the goodies I got. I can never leave that store without spending at least $'s all just too tempting.

Super excited to try the LA Girl lip paints - maybe I'll include one in Tuesday's post! This is actually a pretty mild haul for me. Just bought some Paul Mitchell tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner, Lisa Rachel tea tree oil conditioning treatment, cotton rounds, NYX HD concealer, Ferrero Rocher (my holiday guilty pleasure - yum!) Ricola cough drops (cause it's that time of the year) a pill box so I can remember to take my vitamins daily, and Kleenex tissues for my purse, can never have enough of those!

Hope everyone has a good Monday tomorrow and I'll be back with some tunes for ya! :)

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