Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Funday - December 14th

Happy Sunday everyone!
Hope everyone had a great weekend and you are all ready to take on another week! Only one and a half left until Christmas - can't believe it! Since we're so close I've really tried getting into the Christmas spirit this weekend. (Listening to Mistletoe by Justin Bieber and all...)
Saturday morning I did some annual Christmas cookie baking with my mom and aunt. As per usual, it was a really great time. It's always hilarious when the three of us get together, we're all a bunch of crazies. 
First, we made my favorite cookies, Spritz! If you don't know what they are I highly suggest you google them and get a cookie press ASAP - they are the funnest thing! My usual job in the baking extravaganza is decorating - I get pretty possessive over the decorating of the cookies, I just want them to be perfect!

I'm obsessed. Of course, this isn't all the baking that needs to be done. I'm sure we'll be doing a tons more this week and next weekend. Always my favorite Christmastime tradition to share with my mom.

Thennn, Saturday afternoon I finally went to the mall/Apple store to get my beloved little iPhone fixed. Of course it wasn't easy and I went through a lot of heartache in the morning about it. When I went to make an appointment with the Genius Bar at 10:30AM ALL of the appointments were booked for the entire weekend. I was in disbelief! There was no way I was waiting another week to fix the phone so thankfully I was able to call my local store and they told me to walk in any time and they'll fix the screen as quick as possible. So once I got to the mall  I dropped my baby off and he was done in an hour and good as new!

PS check out my festive gold and red Christmas season manicure. 
Also whilst at the mall I had to return the one boot from the Aldo situation as well as some ill fitting stuff I ordered from Forever 21. I got a long, big cardigan to exchange, since Forever 21 only gives store credit. Then I got an adorable grey and pink Christmas sweater from Garage (is anyone else obsessed with that store?! I think it's the cutest) - maybe I'll show that baby off in my post on Wednesday. 

Saturday night I hit Stagehouse for dinner (because what would a weekend be without me being there?) and saw Horrible Bosses 2 with a friend. The best part about Horrible Bosses 2 was the bloopers at the end! The rest of the movie was funny, but I feel like maybe I was expecting a little more out of it. Jennifer Aniston's character kills me though...she's just too much. I mean, the cast was great Charlie Day, Jason Bateman, and Jason Sudeikis are all favorites of mine - but some of the storyline gets a little boring. Overall I'd say it was just good.

Today, Sunday, I went to lunch for my friend's birthday (woo!) and then a little shopping at Target to get some wrapping supplies for my Christmas gifts. Target seriously has the cutest stuff ever. While there I decided that whenever I move out I'm probably going to buy all of the things there. Anyway, I was so stoked about the wrapping supplies that I wrapped my gifts earlier this evening and put them under the tree. It looks so festive in here now! 

Sadly tomorrow is Monday. So, good luck to all! Hope everyone starts the week off on a good foot. I'm certainly going to try my best to! 

I will leave you off with this photo of my vintage Elf on the Shelf. He's not a real Elf on the Shelf, he's actually a SUPER old Christmas ornament my mom has had forever, but he looks exactly like the Elf on the Shelf so we treat him as such.

Sprinkles, you're so mischievous. 

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