Monday, January 26, 2015

Music Monday - From French Montana to Olly Murs

Happy Monday everyone! It's both happy and a tad bit concerning for me as I got out of work early today, but only due to Winter Storm Juno wreaking havoc on the North East. I can't lie though, it was great to come home and be able to take a quick nap! Please pray this snow isn't as bad as they're predicting - I don't know if my body will be able to take shoveling all that mess!

Anyway, back to the task at hand. I have some great new favorite songs to share with ya'll.

Bad B*tch - French Montana & Jeremih
I've been a fan of rap music on and off since the days when Lil Wayne was in his prime. (Lollipop anyone?) Every now and again I hear a rap song that I become infatuated with. Before this it was IDFWU by Big Sean. (So empowering!) Anddd now it's this song. While not being all that respectful of women, it's damn catchy and downright addicting. I've always been a fan of Jeremih as well, he always sings on great rap tracks.
Favorite Lyric; "Young, fly, G's up, pocket full of cash. Haaan."

Elastic Heart - Sia
I have to admit, Sia has grown on me quite a bit after launching onto the radio waves with Chandelier. What drew me most to this song was the lyrics. They're really relatable for me. Sia has a knack for producing super viral radio tracks and this one's no different, but it isn't just a catchy pop song, I feel it has valuable lyrical content. Loving Sia these days! The video is also nothing short of extremely interesting. I'm still sitting here trying to interpret it.
Favorite Lyric; "...and I wanted it bad, but there were so many red flags. Now another one bites the dust. And let's be clear, I trust no one."

Wrapped Up - Olly Murs & Travie McCoy
Anything British is amazing in my eyes and Olly Murs is no different. Olly Murs came onto my radar with his 2012 song Troublemaker featuring Flo Rida. I was hooked on his album Right Place Right Time for months afterwards. Catchy British pop songs - what more could a girl want?! Wrapped Up is a cute little song with a fun little rap break from Travie. (totally forgot about him, but hey I guess he's still out there making music) Been loving this song lately, I can never skip it when it comes up on shuffle!
Favorite Lyric; "Don't ever stop controlling me, I kinda like it when you bring me to my knees."

Talking Body - Tove Lo
Out of all the songs I'm mentioning today I think I'm most obsessed with this one. I love that it's a little naughty while still being totally pop-y and catchy as hell. I can't help but do a little dance whenever I hear this song. I've been loving every Tove Lo song I've heard so far, the Hippie Sabotage remix of Stay High is a jammy jam.
Favorite Lyric; "Love, give me love. Anything you want I'll give it up."

And that's all the musical selections I've got for today! Hope everyone has a great Monday night. And if you're stuck in this horrible blizzard situation please make sure to be very careful! If possible stay in and read all the blogs. Haha. :) 
I'll be back tomorrow with some beauty products to show you. I'm still brainstorming what products I'd like to highlight - but I'm definitely excited to share some favs with you.


  1. Elastic Heart - yes!! And I can't wait to hear Wrapped Up! Thanks for sharing and stay warm!

    1. Loveee Elastic Heart. Wrapped Up is amazing, hope you loved it!!