Monday, January 19, 2015

Music Monday - From Meghan Trainor to the Biebs

Okay so I am super excited about this Music Monday because I finally have a bunch of new songs to share with you! Spotify stepped it up with it's Today's Top Hits playlist and I've been listening to it non-stop lately. I totally recommend it if you're in the market for some new music. 

Home To Mama - Justin Bieber & Cody Simpson
I've been obsessed with this song since I first heard it last week. If you haven't noticed, the Biebs really gets to me. I just love his voice okay, I can't help it. I've also been a pretty big fan of Cody Simpson since last year. (Pretty Brown Eyes anyone?! Gosh, I love it.) I think I just love pop music guys. But anyway, this is a cute little pop/acoustic track. I think both of their voices are very complimented by acoustic guitar and the two of their voices together is kind of magic. 
Favorite Lyric; "You got the pieces; you're my kind of perfect."

No Good For You - Meghan Trainor
Okay so I'm one of those people that was totally against the "All About That Bass" craze and wrote Meghan Trainor off as completely annoying. And then I was listening to the aforementioned Spotify playlist pretty absentmindedly and I'm like, what is this? I pretty much love it! Anddd it turns out it's Meghan Trainor. I put this song way above All About That Bass and Lips Are Movin'. This one is so catchy with kind of a reggae feel. I actually really like the message behind it too; she's kind of trying to warn a friend that her boyfriend is a douchebag - I mean we've all been there right? 
Favorite Lyric; "That boy's no good for ya, you're way too good for him."

Also there's no official music video for this song, so I apologize for this weird music video.

#icanteven - The Neighbourhood & French Montana
I LOVE THIS SONG. I love the collab of The Neighbourhood (who sing that song Sweater Weather) with French Montana. I would have never paired the two together but it sounds amazing. I'm not a huge French Montana fan but the combination of singer/songwriter with rap is always something I can get down with. I hope this song gets some airplay because I really see it being a hit. Can't stop listening to it lately. 
Favorite Lyric; "Shame on me you fooled me twice, and you said I wasn't just like anyone, but you treated me just like everyone, like everyone else."

Okay the last one is a little bit of a throwback...

I Was A Fool - Tegan & Sara
I've been a fan of Tegan & Sara for quite some time, I think they came out with Walking With a Ghost when I was in middle school! They weren't as popular then, but I'm really glad their popularity is growing as the years go on, because I think their music is really, really worthy of success. They not only have great voices, but great lyrical content as well. I rekindled my love for this song off their 2013 album Heartthrob, when I heard it on a random playlist I clicked on Spotify - couldn't be more thankful for it! I highly suggest checking out Heartthrob if you've never listened to Tegan and Sara. That album is fantastic and you'll be singing along to it in no time at all.
Favorite Lyrics; "But stand still is all we did. Love like ours is never fixed."

I really hope you guys like all of these songs and I've maybe opened your ears to something you haven't heard of before! I already have some ideas for next week as well. :) I love discovering and sharing new music, it's really one of my favorite hobbies. I hope everyone had a great Monday! Onward to the rest of the week. :)

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