Wednesday, January 14, 2015

On Wednesdays We Wear... Green Pants & Faux LV

Happy hump day my internet friends! The week has been going surprisingly fast, which is a great thing for me. It's terrible to wish time away, but I really am wishing winter away. I can't stand the cold weather - I need the sun and warmth! 

Onto my #ootw! This is actually an outfit I wore last Saturday when I was out and about running to eye doctor appointments and out to lunch with my mother. So, this is much more of a casual look than the office appropriate looks I usually post about. I like to mix it up every now and again to keep things fun! Unfortunately I only have one photo of this look. I didn't realize I liked it so much until I was about to leave, so I only snapped one photo.

Sidenote; I think I finally learned how to use my camera properly - so I should be able to use my tripod to take some non-mirror selfies soon! Woo hoo!

Casual Saturday Errand-Running Ensemble

Sweater - Target
This off-white sweater is from Target. (I think it's the Xhileration brand.) It has the high-low hemline and two slits on either side towards the bottom. It's kind of a waffle texture, but doesn't lend much warmth - if it's very chilly I usually like to wear a cami underneath. I love to pair it with brown boots, I think off-white and brown look so good together. 

Pants - Kohl's | LC Lauren Conrad
So I was super excited to finally wear my new pants! (Featured in my Sunday Funday post on January 4th) They're skinny fit, with a bit of a high waist - I'd probably call it mid-waist. They're pretty stretchy, which is a plus and definitely gives you more comfort than a pair of skin tight jeans. The downside, however, was that after a day of wear they stretched out a little too much and became a little baggy. I hadn't yet washed them when I wore them, so maybe the dryer will help out that situation. I sure hope so, because I think they're adorable!

Boots - DSW 
I believe the brand of these is Matisse. I actually bought these at a DSW maybe 2 years ago. They've been my staple tall brown boots since! They have a couple buckles around the ankles and zip up the sides. I love these boots because you can dress them down (like I did here) or dress them up with leggings and a sweater or chiffon top, like I often do for work. They're super versatile, which is something I always look for in a boot.

Bag - Louis Vuitton Replica 
Quite regrettably, that is not a real Louis Vuitton bag. (Although I do hope to get to a point one day where I can purchase a real one...) I bought this replica from Purse Valley. If you love designer bags, but don't love the price of them, I definitely suggest checking this site out. They have TONS of brands on there. It is 100% reliable, I can attest to that. I actually had a hard time placing my order (the issue was on my end with my internet) and had to call and speak to someone in customer service and they were nothing short of professional and very helpful! They do operate out of China though, so be prepared for quite a wait. I promise it's worth it though! I have zero complaints about my bag, and I even have the matching wallet. :)

Watch - Kate Spade, Monogram Necklace - Moon & Lola

I hope you all enjoyed this week's fashion post! I'm so sad I don't have more pictures of the clothes more close up for you, but I hope this will do! My main goal for this year is to work on my camera skills and bring better content to the blog as long as it continues to grow. I'm really looking forward to it! 

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of this week and their weekend. Get out and do something new! Or if you don't wanna do that, stay in and start a new book. I'm actually hoping to finish the last Divergent book, Allegiant, this week and start The DUFF. I have so many books on my list, I need to get cracking!

I'll actually be back with a quick post tomorrow as I've been nominated for a Liebster Award! Super excited about it and I can't wait to nominate fellow new bloggers. :)