Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Funday - Baking & Ed Sheeran

Happy Sunday lovelies! Not so happy for me as NJ is in impeding snow doom, but whatcanyado? Anywho, I'm here to recap my not-so-interesting weekend for you. The snow and all around crappy weather has kept me indoors quite a bit, I'm not complaining though, it's always nice to have a relaxing weekend every now and then. I'm so often trying to cram as much as I can into my weekends when sometimes I really just need a break. Anybody else feel the same?!

So Friday night I just went to get my nails done (as I faithfully do every 2 weeks...) with a friend. On my fingers I opted for a bright sparkly blue - I've been wanting to do an electric blue for quite some time and I absolutely loveee the color. And for my toes I opted for a gray. I usually like to keep my toes pretty muted since I like to do such bright colors on my fingers. It's all about coordination people! 

After nails we hit the liquor store right quick to pick up a bottle of Pinot Noir and then CVS to grab some Ruffles (my friends' and I's go to snack of choice) however, tragically, CVS didn't have Ruffles so we had to settle for Wavy Lay's like a couple of peasants. Just kidding. They were good all the same! Our newest addiction is watching old school Laguna Beach, I've bought the first two seasons on my Apple TV so we've been having nights of wine-induced nostalgia for the past couple of weekends. Not gonna lie, we passionately sang along to "Screaming Infidelities" by Dashboard. I mean you can't hear Dashboard and NOT sing along, that's just against the rules of being a teenager in the late 2000's. And then it started snowing outside and ruining my entire life.

Saturday morning the snow had fallen to about 4 or 5 inches and I was thus forced to do some shoveling which absolutely killed my body. My back is still sore from it! Needless to say with all the snow on the ground I couldn't manage to do too much with my day. Watched some Scandal, cuddled with my cat, the usual. However vh1 had a live showing of Ed Sheeran for Storytellers which pretty much made my night. So naturally I baked some brownies and watched Ed Sheeran perform. Because combining chocolate and my favorite artist is pretty much my version of heaven. It's amazing how captivating of a performer he can be even just watching in your living room! He's truly such a talented artist. He's blending of different genres is really unparalleled. I love whenever he plays "You Need Me, I Don't Need You" live because he always adds in so many covers of songs and it's amazing - he put in "I'm So Fancy" from Iggy Azalea  and "In Da Club" from 50 Cent. Pretty freaking cool if you ask me.

Also the sky looked really cool that evening and I have to post this amazing photo I took and edited of it. I'm so proud of it! If I was a painter or artist in anyway I would love to portray this type of scene, unfortunately I'm not really gifted in that way so I have to just settle for taking photos. It was even taken on my iPhone 5 - not my legit camera. 

And then that just leads us to today, in which I didn't really do anything noteworthy. In the morning I caught up on that new vh1 scripted series "Hindsight" which is surprisingly pretty good. It's about a girl who somehow travels back in time about 15 years to the 90's and tries to figure out where she went wrong and overall try to do her life better. And obviously since it's taking place in the 90's it has a pretty rockin' soundtrack. Definitely a new fav! I did manage to make a pretty great dinner for my mother and I though - it was a recipe for oven baked fried chicken. I've been trying to make a different dish every weekend to broaden my menu horizons. 

Anddd that is about all I have to share with you, my Internet friends, for tonight. It apparently is supposed to snow quite a bit in NJ tonight and the next couple of days so I'm quite nervous about it. But, hopefully, it isn't as bad as they're predicting and I can carry on with work and whatnot as per usual. Hope everyone has a lovely, relaxing Sunday night and a great start to their week tomorrow! I'll be back with some music for ya'll!

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