Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Funday - Dessert and LC Lauren Conrad Fashion

Alright, it's a new year and I think I'm ready to get back on schedule! You can count on me once again!

Today's Sunday Funday will be a recap of this week for the most part - since I haven't blogged since last Sunday, I can hardly believe it! Time has been passing by far too fast.

Monday and Tuesday were my last days at work for the 2014 year and I actually have anxiety thinking about all the filing and loose ends I need to tie up before I set myself up for the new year tomorrow! Hoping I don't have too many imperative tasks to complete so I can spend time re-organizing and setting myself up for 2015! 
Is anybody else still going to date things with 2014 until at least March or is that just me? Hahaha

Wednesday, New Years Eve, I was having a few of my close girl friends over for a little wine and food get together to celebrate the new year. I got to make my famous Spinach and Artichoke dip (recipe here - simple and easy! I def. recommend) We decided we wanted to avoid the craziness (and unnecessary spending) in Hoboken and just lay low. We had a blast watching Sharknado Two and guzzling Arbor Mist. #classy

New Years Day I just grabbed lunch with a friend and then stayed home watching Scandal for the remainder of the day. I am 100% completely obsessed with this show now. I know I'm a little late to the game, but it's AMAZING. Kerry Washington is seriously to die for too, she's an amazing actress and this show is definitely not overrated. (Which was a previous misconception of mine...) Not to mention here wardrobe is FABULOUS and I'd likely do unspeakable things to get one identical to hers. Thank you Netflix for having this wonderfully addictive show available!

Friday, as per usual, I found myself at Stagehouse with a few friends. I got a little classy that night and opted to have a glass of Pinot Grigio with the shrimp scampi - figured it was a new year and time to switch it up a bit. Although I did of course have nachos as well, cause I mean, duh. AND we decided to get even crazier and check out the desserts for the first time since we've been talking about it for months. We got a brownie with ice cream, it was delicious and cute!

Here's my low quality Snapchat story #ootd from that night as well. I stupidly forgot to take a nice one with my good camera but I really wanted to show my new scarf I got from Garage. It's so big and warm, I'm obsessed! (I'm also apparently obsessed with that little smiling tongue-out emoji as well...)

Last thing I wanna throw into this post is the LC Lauren Conrad pieces I snagged yesterday at Kohl's. I've always been a big fan of Lauren Conrad, I mean who isn't though?! (If you didn't love Laguna Beach circa 2004 you are lying!) I've always admired her clothing line but have never gotten a chance to get anything from it. I got a fluffy gray sweater with white leather hearts, a white, gray, and purple floral chiffon shirt with lace detailing, and light green jeggings, which are my favorite! I was thrilled I was able to squeeze myself into a size 0 jeans since they only had that and then sizes 14 and 16!

That's all for today's post! It's the first full week of 2015 so I suspect everyone will be working hard on their resolutions! I know I'll be trying to! If you're headed back to work good luck, and if you're lucky enough to stay home, enjoy it for those of us that have to be working. :) I'll be back tomorrow with some new favorite tunes of mine. Have a great Sunday night!


  1. Sounds like you had a great New Year's! I love that heart sweater. Hope your 2015 is going fantastic so far!

    1. I wore the sweater yesterday and it is so comfy! May have to go back and get all the fuzzy sweaters she had. Haha. Thank you, hope your new year is going swiftly as well! :)