Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Funday - Sangria & a Mall Haul

We've reached the tail-end of another Sunday guys! Thankfully I've got a three day weekend and will be off tomorrow as well - three cheers for three day weekends!

Onward to my weekend re-cap.

No surprises here, I ended up at Stagehouse on Friday night for dinner and drinks with two of my biffs. (Seriously I think I'd have a nervous breakdown if I went like two weeks without hitting this place up...) This time though, we decided to try a pitcher of red sangria, and it did NOT disappoint. I mean, what group of girls doesn't love to sit around gossiping, eating nachos, and sipping on some sangria?! That's a fantastic time to me. We also splurged and got the brownie sundae again - we were just going all the way in that night. :) 

Saturday we had a birthday lunch for my darling grandmother, who I affectionately refer to as Grammy. We got a couple pizzas, my aunt made some delish apple pie and we had a cute little celebration. I love any time I get to spend time with my mom, aunt, and grandma. They're three of the most important people in my life and I don't know what I'd do with them! My gram was super excited about her birthday gifts and we had a few laughs over our lunch and some tea. I love when we can all get together and have a fun time. In fact, I really wish it happened more often, but I've realized once you start working full-time, your only free time really is on the weekend and you end up trying to cram everything into Saturday and Sunday and it doesn't lend you much wiggle room. But, you gotta make time and cherish it with your family!

After our little soirĂ©e I headed out to the mall with a good friend of mine. I needed to hit Sephora for a new moisturizer, the Aveeno daily moisturizer just wasn't cuttin' it for me in this dry, frigid weather. I was looking for something a little more heavy duty! ...But naturally I ended up buying a ton more things at a ton more places, because if you put me in a mall I'm just going to buy unnecessary things - it's a fact of life. 

Okay so at H&M I got the cutes tiniest little sock-bun maker - I figured it would be a cute idea to do a half-up sock-bun with the rest of my hair down. I also got this nice, big comfy cardigan. It's like a camel/tan color, I like to go neutral with my cardigans so they can be as versatile as possible. Now don't judge me but I bought stuff from Delia's again, they're going out of business (I think?) so everything was like 50-70% off! Can't beat that deal my friends. So I got a basic pair of black skinny jeans and the besttt tank top that has a picture of Cinderella and says "#ootd" just thought it was absolutely perfect for me and I had to have it. Then we meandered into New York and Co. which isn't a store I usually go into, but we found a coupon on Retail Me Not for $25 off $50, so I snatched up these army green jogger-type pants and boot socks for $28, I love me a good deal. Haha. Anddd lastly at Sephora I finally got what I actually went for...and more. I got First Aid Beauty Face Cream, which was suggested to me by an associate after I expressed my dry-face concerns. I got a small container of The Righteous Butter from Soap & Glory that I've been wanting to try, a baby Glamglow (The Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment) because I'm just paying $70 for the bigger size - just not doing it because it's insane, and lastly with some of my VIB points I got the Pore Purifying Black Magic Kit by Boscia. I've been using the Night Hydration Boscia moisturizer for awhile now so I figured it would be a good opportunity to try some more of their products. Super excited about it!

Today it was rainy and gross so I just hung around the house watching Scandal and reading Allegiant, which I really need to finish so I can finally start The Untethered Soul. I've been dying to read it for quite some time! I went to Harmon's as well to pick up some more hair dye to go over my hair again as some of my blonde is attempting to peek through. (Also picked up some more stuff that may or may not be the basis of my beauty post for Tuesday...) Not sure when it's "safe" to dye my hair again - maybe I'll give it a couple more weeks. I'm really thankful to have another day to sleep in tomorrow, but I hope the weather is a little bit better! It looks like it should be around 40 degrees and sunny, but that could always change. Just hoping for the best! Hope everyone has a great start to the week. I'll be back tomorrow with my music post! I have a bunch of new songs for you guys, so I'm really looking forward to it!

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