Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Beauty Tuesday (On a Wednesday) - Coconut Oil & Drybar

Hello loves, as I said in my previous post, we're a day behind schedule this week. Sorry about that again! But I'm here to bring you two favorite beauty products. This week's theme is hair!

Here we go;

Fekkai PRX Reparatives Intensive Fortifying Masque & Coconut Oil 
I mentioned this hair mask when I made my Birchbox post last month. I finally got around to trying it this past weekend and I think it's WONDERFUL. I put it all over damp hair and added in about a tablespoon of coconut oil as well. I just recently discovered the pure magic that is coconut oil and I couldn't be more obsessed with it. The two of these together left my SUPER damaged hair feeling brand new. Seriously, you can't tell I have awful, disgusting split ends and it's super shiny. If you're looking for a hair mask that truly delivers please try Fekkai out. I loved this mask so much. And of course you must get coconut oil, but please be aware a little bit goes a long way. If you slather it on your hair you'll be in the shower for hours trying to wash it out...not speaking from experience or anything. (Yes, I looked like a greaseball for a day. Oops.) 

100 Proof Treatment Oil - Drybar
I actually got a sample of this from Sephora maybe a year ago, but I was trying to finish a serum/oil I already had. I loved this product so much that I remembered it a year later and got it. And I have no complaints! It smells like the beach which is lovely. And it smooths out all the stray frizzy hairs and makes your hair super shiny. I have very thick, sometimes stubborn hair and this always manages to make my hair look at least halfway decent. Sometimes when I'm in a bind and don't have time to straighten my hair I can just blow dry it and throw some of this on it and I'm relatively good to go! If you have frizzy hair or trouble with flyaways, this is the product for you.

That's my beauty Tuesday, or Wednesday post really for you. I hope you enjoy these kind of posts and that they help anyone out looking for promising products. Everything I post I 100% use on a regular basis and love. I wouldn't write about it if I didn't feel it was really great! Anyways, I'll be back at some point later this week with an #ootw. I didn't plan one yet...stress! Have a great rest of the week! Hope it flies by!


  1. I LOVE coconut oil! It's perfect for so many things!

    1. It really is! Skin and hair...not to mention it smells heavenly!