Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Beauty Tuesday - Valentine's Lush Haul!

There's a very strong possibility that you're extremely tired of me writing about Lush products, but that's pretty much what I'll be doing today. So, I'm sorry! I ordered some limited edition Valentine's stuff from Lush a couple of weeks ago because I had to get some toner water so I figured I'd save this little haul for the week of Valentine's day! Romantic, I knowww.

Not to mention I have a lot of fun editing little pictures like this. HA

Not everything in this haul is a limited edition Valentine product by the way, there's actually only like three, and I deeply regret not ordering the Kiss lip scrub, it looks SO cute. But, I've been trying to cut back on all the spending. Key word try...Anyway, onto my mini reviews!

Prince Charming Shower Gel
I was particularly drawn to this because it's made with marshmallow of some sort and I absolutely love marshmallow! The scent of this is pomegranate and vanilla, two of my favorites, so I knew I needed this in my life. I love to lather up with this shower gel when I want to relax (and also when I want to smell like fruit.) Definitely recommend this to all you fruity fragrance lovers!

Love Locket Bath Bomb
I actually can't review on this too much as I haven't had a chance to use it! But I decided to purchase this bath bomb because it breaks apart into three pieces so you can use it three times. (Smart shopping, ya know?) Also it is apparently filled with paper and red seaweed hearts, so that's pretty cute. Lush describes it as having vanilla, jasmine, and neroli essential oils. I mean, it definitely smells delicious! I'm very excited to finally give this a try. 

The Kiss Lip Gloss
I love all of the lip products from Lush so I figured this was bound to be no different. It's a lip balm that also gives your lips a little bit of a sheer pink color with some gloss. It's great for those days when you don't feel like rocking an entire lip combo and messing with lip liner and sticks and all. It makes it look like you put more effort into your lips than you actually did. :)

Butterball Bath Bomb
I actually haven't used this bath bomb either so I can only comment on it's smell, which is vanilla and is so good that I momentarily contemplated taking a bite out of it. That good. I decided to order this vanilla bath bomb to mix with my vanilla bath bubbles from Sephora to create a very, well, vanilla-y bath. I'll be sure to report back how well it works out for me, I have no doubts it will be superb!

Therapy Massage Bar (and tin)
I have been wanting to try a massage bar for awhile, since I've recently been having random problems with my neck. I figured this would be good because they massage and give your skin moisture at the same time. It contains lavender oil, which is super soothing and helps you to relax. I most often like to use this before bed. Definitely a great product for people who need help relaxing in order to go to sleep. (Like me.)

Tea Tree Water Toner Water
I've been using the toner waters from Lush for awhile now - they're especially great in the summer to refresh your face. I usually use the Eau Roma water because it smells light and like roses. I decided to give the Tea Tree one a go this time because I've been dealing with the occasional breakout and I heard tea tree oil is very good to help with that. I've been using this water every morning for a couple weeks now and I definitely think it's helping to keep my face a little bit more clear. I'm not saying this is a sure fire way to get rid of acne - but if you have a few break outs here and there, this toner water might give you just the little bit of help you need.

I hope you enjoyed this Valentine edition Lush haul, and from here on out I'll try to mention Lush products sparingly! I'll be back later this week with my favorite #ootw. I have no idea what it will be yet...but rest assured I'll find something! Hope everyone has a productive rest of the week, enjoy! :)


  1. those lush stuff look so good but I have this thing wear I never use beauty products in the bathroom.


  2. Love Lush! These products look fantastic. I would love to try that lip gloss!

    1. I've been wearing the lip gloss nearly every day! It's great because it's moisturizing and gives you a glossy look. :)


  3. I've been wanting to try their Tea Tree Toner for a while now! Glad to hear it's worked nicely for you so far [=

    1. Yes, I definitely recommend it! Feels great on the skin. :)