Monday, February 16, 2015

Music Monday - From The Weeknd to Trey Songz

Happy Monday everyone! I was lucky enough to have the day off so that was wonderful. I was able to sleep in and go out to lunch with my mom, it's always nice to have a day off to do things like that. I was also able to get a little nap in, so that's also wonderful. <3 sleep. Anyway - onto the music! This will be a very R&B inspired week because that just seems to be what I'm loving these days!

Slow Motion - Trey Songz
So I was obsessed with Trey Songz back in the day when he came out with Invented Sex. (You can't lie, that was a jam and a half.) I hadn't really been listening to any R&B music until this song slapped me in the face via Spotify, in the best way ever. I LOVE this song. I was super bored with the past few singles Trey had put out but this one is BOMB. If you like R&B music then I can almost guarantee you'll love this little slow jam.
Favorite Lyric; "So tell me when you ready, I'ma speed it up for you just for a second. Then I'ma slow it back down and keep it steady. "

Where You Belong - The Weeknd
This song caught my attention when I went to go see Fifty Shades of Grey. I've been loving The Weeknd for quite some time now, so I knew his songs for the Fifty Shades soundtrack wouldn't disappoint. I like this song because it has an R&B feel to it, with a little bit of edge. That seems to be The Weeknd's style and I just really love that. This song is pretty intense - it goes perfect with the movie, that's for sure!
Favorite Lyric; "I'm always numb to the topic of loving. I fell in love with the subject of sin."

Planes - Jeremih & J Cole
I'm just really obsessed with rap/R&B these days. But I looove Jeremih. I mean "Don't Tell Em" HELLO. But yeah he has a beautiful voice so I pretty much feel that any song his voice graces is pretty great. I've also recently become crazily obsessed with J Cole. His albums are actually SO GOOD. It's old but Cole World: The Sideline Story is probably my favorite. Anyway, the main point here is these two together make magical music! This song is fire. 
Favorite Lyric; "...but I will if I need to cause for real girl, I need you."

Thunder Clatter - Wild Club
I guess this will be my one non-R&B/rap song for today. Haha. I love this song though, it's just a fun, feel good song. For some reason it makes me think of summer. I can just see myself listening to it on the beach. iTunes apparently categorizes this song as Alternative - although I think I'd categorize it as a little more pop/alternative. I feel like it's definitely something catchy I would hear on the radio. If you're into pop/rock/alternative I definitely recommend this song, if you haven't heard it already!
Favorite Lyric; "Sad hopes I'd hidden under, tangled inside of me. You spoke like broken thunder, deep into the center of me."

I hope you enjoyed today's very R&B edition of Music Monday! I'll be back tomorrow with some of my current fav beauty products. Hope you have a great Monday night and delightful Tuesday! :)

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