Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Music Monday (On a Tuesday) - Ed Sheeran Tickets & Dark Sky Paradise

So... we're just gonna to pretend it's Monday again since I missed posting yesterday. Sorry about that! I totally forgot and then by the time I remembered I was just far too lazy to pull out the ol Macbook. 

Let me just start off by saying yesterday I scored some Ed Sheeran pre-sale tickets completely hassle-free and it pretty much made my life. I saw him at MSG in 2013 (bought my tickets on Stub hub since they completely sold out in like.5 seconds) and he's blow up even more since then so I was pretty certain I wasn't going to get tickets...and then it was the easiest thing that ever happened to me. It may seem loser-ish, but it pays to be in an artist's fan club! They hooked me up with the pre-sale and I was good to go in all of 5 minutes. :) Let the countdown to May 30th begin!


Anywayyy moving on to this week's playlist!

All Your Fault - Big Sean & Kanye 
Big Sean's new album Dark Sky Paradise dropped today and it's pretty fantastic. If you're a fan of hip hop I definitely recommend you take a listen to the whole thing, there's tons of people featured on this album; Kanye, Drake, Chris Brown, Jhene Aiko, Ariana Grande etc. It was actually really hard to choose just one song to highlight on here! But this one definitely immediately caught my attention. You know how sometimes you hear a song for the first time and you know you're gonna love it? That was this one for me. The hook is just so catchy!
Favorite Lyric; "Lit for your love baby, lit for your love."

Raindrops - SNBRN & Kerli
Completely changing gears, we have this dance track. I was absentmindedly listening to the Today's Top Hits playlist on Spotify and I had to stop and check what this song was and who it was by because I love it so much. It's not some crazy EDM track with no lyrics that just sounds like some random noises put together. It actually has lyrics and a beat, which is why I like it so much. It's not super dancey, but it has a cool beat to it. It has great potential to be on pre-gaming playlists all over the world. If you like dance music - this one's for you.
Favorite Lyric; "Like raindrops from the desert sky, for you I've been waiting."

Somebody - Natalie La Rose & Jeremih
I wonder if a week will go by where I'm not obsessed with a song Jeremih's in... Anyway, this is just a cute pop song, it sounds as if they've sampled Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance With Somebody. It's super catchy and cute - I find myself singing it all the time. And of course, anything with Jeremih in it is going to be a favorite of mine.
Favorite Lyric; "I wanna leave with somebody, and we ain't gotta tell nobody."

I Think I'm In Love - Kat Dahlia
This is another song from Spotify's lovely playlists...they really put me on some great music. This song is categorized as pop, although I think it has a bit of a singer/songwriter feel to it. Kat Dahlia has a really cool unique voice, it's kind of raspy and I really love it. The lyrics to this song are also pretty out there and honest, which is something else I can really respect. If you haven't heard of Kat and are a fan of female pop/singer/songwriter artists, you should definitely check her out.
Favorite Lyric; "I'm trying hard to trust you when you say "give me your hand," baby I'm fallin, I hope you catch me when I land."

So those are the music choices for ya'll this week. Hope you enjoyed! Tried to make it a little more diverse this week. :) I'll be doing my beauty Tuesday post tomorrow....we're just gonna be a day behind schedule this week, sorry bout it! I don't even have a #ootw planned yet! AH. Gonna go listen to Dark Sky Paradise for the remainder of the night... Everyone have a great hump day tomorrow!

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