Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Funday - Boy Next Door and Birchbox

Happy Sunday cutie pies! Another weekend has come and go, too quick might I add. But I'm here to recap my weekend - I actually did quite a few fun things that I'm excited to recount for you!

So here we go!

Friday night I hit the movies with two of my best friends to see Boy Next Door, which I've been dying to see since it came out because Ryan Guzman and Jennifer Lopez, hellooo, they're gorg! It was a pretty good movie, actually a little bit more scary than I was originally anticipating. The short plot is that Jennifer Lopez is married with a teenage kid, her husband previously cheated on her and she's at a vulnerable point in her life, a mildly psychotic 20 year old kid moves in next door to her to attend to his ailing uncle and ends up turning into a total stalker after catching Jennifer Lopez in a moment of weakness and then basically attempts to ruin her life entirely. Despite all the scary situations, Jennifer Lopez looked pretty flawless the entire movie, unsurprisingly. I definitely give it a thumbs up, overall!

My #ootd situation for Friday night. Again, obsessed with these glasses WHICH BROKE TODAY. I was a little livid but they're replacing them for me free of charge, I just have to pick them up Thursday.

After the movies we headed over to Brickhouse, which is located in the same little shopping center as the movie theater. We shared some appetizers and had a glass of wine. I've recently been super obsessed with Pinot Noir so I've just been ordering it everywhere! Also if you ever find yourself in a Brickhouse do yourself a favor and order the Zucchini curls - they're LIFE. Amaze for sure. We had a good time stuffing our faces and catching up with each other. Mostly everything I do in life has to do with food, but it's whateva.

Saturday I headed out to NYC with one of my other best friends since we ordered a "Build Your Own Birchbox" voucher on Gilt City. (Highly recommend this to everyone near a metropolitan area - we've gotten a lot of cool deals through it!) We had a great time there! As an avid makeup/skin care junkie I was beyond excited by all of the options. It's awesome because you can buy the full size products there as well, you don't even have to be a subscriber. The store is too adorable as well, I couldn't resist snapping a few photos!

It says "go on, give it a whirl"

They had this little contraption that found products for you based on your personal needs, so cool! Shout out to Sara for demo-ing it for this photo!

I was able to make two boxes with my $40 voucher, we also could have gotten a service done as well, they do makeup, hair, and nails, but they were booked on Saturday and we really wanted to just get our products so we opted out of the service. Here are my boxes! I got a pink (of course) and brown one. I also bought two of their products as well, pictured below.

Okay so the two items I bought from them are the Fekkai PRX Reparatives Intensive Fortifying Masque. I usually use the Macadamia Oil one, which is about $36 so I decided to try this one since it was only $25. I also bought the Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips, it was $14.50. I've tried it once so far and it's really hydrating! I love anything that will help fix dry lips. Dry lips drive me absolutely BONKERS.

First box (pink) : 3 Mighty Leaf tea bags, Perlier Intensive Nurturing Body Balm with Lavendar, Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel, Dear Clark conditioner Resurrecting Rinse, and Harvey Prince Ageless perfume

Second box (brown) :  Toni & Guy Classic shine gloss serum, Tocca Grapefruit & Cucumber hand cream, Folle de Joie perfume, Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask, and Cynthia Rowley silver eyeliner

Super excited to try all of these products out! I'll definitely update or include them in upcoming beauty favorites if they end up being beneficial for me.

After Birchbox we headed over to Tribeca to go to one of our favs, Tribeca Tap House. They ended up having this fabulous cider there called 1911. I'm not one to ever drink a beer, so I'm always opting for a cider. Angry Orchard and Magners are my favorites, but this 1911 was super tasty as well. I actually ended up buying a bottle at the Whole Foods on the way to the path. We had some delicious nachos as well...if you've ever read my blog before you know I'm all about the nachos. Cheese = <3.

That's about all I have to share with you folks! I'll be back tomorrow with some more tunes for ya'll. Hope you have a great Sunday night. Enjoy!


  1. eek! you're so cute! I want to head in and watch that movie too! But sooo busy its cray :( sounds like you had fun xx

    1. Ha thank you so much! :) Go see it, but be prepared that its a little scary!


  2. okay that build your own box is amazing!!!!

    1. I think you can do it any time, not sure of the pricing though. It's amazing in that place! I'd live there if they'd let me. Ha!