Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Funday - Hoboken Hangovers & Makeup Organization

Heyyy everyone! Probably going to make this weekend recap a bit on the shorter side as I'm watching some red carpet coverage from the Grammy's. Don't you love seeing what everyone is wearing?! Love picking my personal best and worst dressed.

Anywayyy - let's get on with the recap!

Friday night I headed out to Hoboken to hang with a group of friends. It's always quite an adventure whenever we decide to go out up there. We all met up and hung at a friend's apartment for a little while before heading out on a trek to the bar. The snow/ice/subzero temperatures are what made it quite a trek, however we arrived relatively safe and sound. 

These are in fact terrible quality pictures, but this is all I really had to work with. Shout out to my biddies doe.

There was a relatively awful cover band there, but they played some jams so we made the most of it. By the time we got there the kitchen at the bar was closed so my friend actually had a pizza delivered to the bar. It was pretty much the greatest thing that happened to us.

We took an Uber home and accidentally took a black car that was $ please be aware when you're drunk requesting Uber cars because that shit gets a little crazy. On the bright side he did stop to let us get Pringles from a gas station...which sort of softens the blow of the price tag. SORT OF, but not really.

Saturday I had a horrific hangover and didn't actually get out of bed until 2:30 in the afternoon. Which is pretty insane, but my only solution to hangovers is sleep. I can't function with the awful headache that is a hangover so sleep it is. The only notable thing I managed to do was get my nails done...and even that felt like a project to me. I did get a really cute pink for Valentine's Day though!

I stayed in and watched Gimme Shelter that night with my mom. I have to admit I was expecting a little more out of the movie...but it was very interesting to see Vanessa Hudgens tackle such a dark and troubled character. As fas as the acting goes I think she did a phenomenal job with that. Rosario Dawson was also really fantastic with her character as an abusive mother. I didn't love the story line and would have liked to get more of an actual ending out of it, but that's just how I feel. Overall, I think it was just okay.

Which leads me to today. Most of the day I read The Duff, which is a great book so far! It's actually difficult to put down. I'm intrigued to see how they do the movie though, because it looks like it might be quite a bit different than the book. I generally use Sundays as my clean up day. I did all my laundry and cleaned up my room and wanted to share with you my makeup organization. I just recently got a lipstick organizer and pallet organizer so my vanity looks nice and complete now.

Please do try to ignore my reflection in the mirror. Hahaha

Cute right?! And that's pretty much my weekend for ya! I'll be back tomorrow with some new fav tunes for ya. Maybe throw in a throwback for this week as well. Hope you have a great rest of Sunday night and a smooth transition into the hell that is Monday morning. :)

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  1. seems like you had fun ahahah