Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Funday - Snow & Interior Decorating

Hello my internet friends! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I'm going to keep this post short and sweet as I don't really have too much to update ya'll on. I haven't been feeling that well lately and the weather isn't much agreeing on being cooperative either, so a weekend in was necessary. 

Friday night I was literally asleep half the night. I'm not joking. I can't even detail remotely anything I did except lay on my couch half asleep, and then move to my bed to actually sleep. It was so bitterly cold that I couldn't think of setting foot outside of my house once I was in after work. SO, that was Friday night.

Saturday was a little bit better temperature-wise so I ventured out to go get my nails done. Then, as I was there chatting with my lovely little nail kid, I notice it's practically blizzarding outside. Snow was all up and down, sideways, etc etc. So I quickly got home and enjoyed several Lifetime movies with my mom, because really what else do you do when you're stuck inside because of the snow. They premiered a new one called Babysitter's Blackbook that was about a bunch of teenagers running a babysitting business that essentially turns into a prostitution ring - and get this - it was based on TRUE EVENTS. Like, really doe? Anyway, I took and edited some of this sweet pictures of the snow for you so I'd have at least some sort of media component to this horribly boring weekend update. Haha

And then lastly I finally put up this cute little canvas I bought off of Hautelook a few weeks ago for above my bed. I love how my room is looking these days so I figured I'd show off my cute inspirational throw pillows and new canvas.

Anddd that is about all I have to tell you folks. Sorry I'm a boring person this weekend. I may or may not be back tomorrow with my Music Monday choices as I don't have too many new ones to share! Maybe Spotify will surprise me with some tomorrow so I have some options to share! Have a great rest of Sunday night (it's rather late) and a lovely Monday!


  1. Love it - those pillows say it all!

    1. Thanks! I've been obsessing over the Home Decor section of Hautelook lately!