Saturday, February 21, 2015

Surprise Saturday - #OOTW Day Off Joggers

Happy Saturday everyone! It's snowing like crazy up in New Jersey right's a travesty. Anyway - I'm here with my fav #ootw! I worse this on Monday when I had the day off from work, just to run some errands and go to lunch with my mom. :) I'm loving detailing my casual outfits these days. 

Sweater - Zara
I actually got this sweater at a Zara in Florence Italy, so it holds a little bit of a special place in my heart. Haha. But it's just a plain black sweater with gold buttons at the end of the sleeves. It's a nice, simple piece.

Joggers - New York & Co
I've been obsessed with getting a pair of joggers for quite some time and I could never really find a pair that I thought would make sense for my wardrobe. Until these guys that is! I love the green/army pants look so these were perfect for me. I also love that their drawstring, makes them super casual.

Boots - Ugg
Same Uggs I usually feature in my #ootds. They're short Bailey buttons in the chestnut brown color.

Necklace - American Eagle, Watch - Kate Spade

So that's just a short #OOTW post for you today! I'll be back tomorrow with a Sunday Funday post (although I don't imagine I'll have anything too thrilling to talk about. Lol) Hope everyone has a great Saturday night and rest of the weekend! :)

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