Saturday, February 7, 2015

Surprise Saturday - Winter Night Out #OOTW

Hi there lovelies!

Going to keep this fashion post short and sweet as it's currently 6:30PM and I'm still nursing a hangover...yikes.

My #ootw is a going out option for the winter time. Flannels for the win! This is what I wore for a night out in Hoboken with some good friends.

Flannel - Kohl's
I believe this is the Mossimo brand. I have several flannels from Kohl's and they're great. Can't beat a good price and comfortability. I love to wear flannels with leather during the winter. You get to stay warm while still looking fashion forward.

Tank Top - H&M Paris
I bought this #Celfie tank top at an H&M while I was in Paris. It was in this underground mall thing that was pretty sweet. I'm not sure if they sell this exact tank here in the states, but I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to find. I love cheeky hashtag shirts, they add a little sass to an outfit.

(Faux) Leather Leggings - Forever 21
I believe I detailed these once before on here. These are just basic black faux leather leggings. I love that leather is so in style these days. Some leather can add a little edge to an outfit. Be bold with it!

Knee High Boots - Charlotte Russe
I'm not 100% sure that these boots are from Charlotte Russe, but I think they are. They're just black, flat, knee high boots. I'm sure this style can be found pretty much anywhere. I love knee high boots and I'm only 5 feet all, so don't think that if you're short you can't wear this style - you definitely can! I have a brown pair as well to go with my more warm toned outfits. 

Hat - H&M
This is my absolute favorite beanie. It's gray with a kind of cable knit texture to it. I wear it almost any chance I get. I love to pair flannels with beanies, you definitely need all the extra warmth you can get in the winter! 

Bag - Rebecca Minkoff
I just got this bag yesterday in the mail and I'm absolutely in love. I've been wanting a smaller crossbody bag as I usually use bigger tote-like bags. This particular style was from a Gilt sale - it's a light gray with gold studs. I love the quilted pattern of the bag and the studs make it just a little bit unique. Couldn't be more pleased with this purchase! 

Hope you enjoyed my #ootw! I'll be back later tomorrow to detail my weekend for you. I have a sneaking suspicion that I'll be laying on this couch all evening... #thestruggleisreal. Have a great Saturday night folks!


  1. Cute outfit! Loving that flannel top! I sure hope you recover from your hangover! :)


    1. Thanks so much! I did manage to get over my hangover at some point. LOL


  2. Love this outfit and how edgy it is! Shame about the hangover :P
    Victoria xx