Monday, March 30, 2015

Music Monday - From Who Is Fancy to Tobias Jesso Jr.

Happy Monday to my little slice of the internet! While it is Monday, the most dreaded day of the week, the sun is shining and it isn't 20 degrees outside and that is a reason to smile people. Spring just may be in sight, however I don't wanna get presumptuous because who actually knows with this weather... Anyway we're here for some music so let's get down to it.

We've got quite an array of genres today, I'm all over the place, just go with it.

Goodbye - Who Is Fancy
Chances are you've probably heard this song on the radio, but I felt I had to mention it because I've been personally identifying with and jamming out to it these days. But seriously, WHO IS FANCY?! I thought this was a joke and then I googled it so I could actually know what I'm talking about and it turns out that no one actually knows who Fancy is. (Do I capitalize that or...?) This is wild. Does anybody think he/she/they sound exactly like Ne-Yo though? Cause that's just how I'm feeling. Anyway, if you're seeing someone that's not treating you like the royalty you are, you should probably just say goodbye. As the song is telling you. It speaks the truth.
Favorite Lyric; "I know that I can find somebody. You won't ever find nobody else like me."

Ain't Got Time - M.O
Guys, this song is just, it really should be everyone's anthem honestly. It's an upbeat dance/pop song. (Also I did not realize this was more than one person until I watched the video just now...) They're pretty much just saying they don't have time for people that don't have time for them. And that's the way all relationships should be honestly. If you aren't getting what you give in any kind of relationship; friendship, romantic, otherwise - maybe you should re-evaluate that. And tell them you ain't got time.
Favorite Lyric; "I ain't got time to care about people that don't care about me. So there's a reason why I can't, now is that so hard to understand?"

How Could You Babe - Tobias Jesso Jr
This is where we take a little bit of an indie turn. This song is absolutely AMAZING. The very first time I heard it (on Spotify, where else?!) I was captivated. I had to listen to it ten times in a row. I honestly couldn't get enough. Tobias Jesso Jr is a Canadian musician, and this song gained popularity after Adele tweeted about it. It's actually a very sad song (if you couldn't tell by the title) but it's just so beautiful. It's piano-based and just so, so great. If you don't like this song I'm pretty sure you're soulless. 
Favorite Lyrics; "And when love is in the way, you gotta say, 'I guess love ain't always right.'"

Can't Blame a Girl For Trying - Sabrina Carpenter
Anddd then we'll travel on to some country music, because why not? Although I will say that this is country, erring more on the side of pop. Kind of like early Taylor Swift circa 2005. This song is just so catchy and I'm pretty sure every girl on the planet can relate to it (doing/saying dumb things when they like someone...), so there's that. It turns out Sabrina Carpenter is one of the stars of Disney Channel's Girl Meets World, she's very young, only 15, but with a Disney Channel background I'm sure she has a bright and successful future ahead of her. (Kinda hope she doesn't pull a Miley though.) Funny thing about that, as I'm reading her Wikipedia page it turns out she placed third place in a singing contest run by Miley Cyrus called "The Next Miley Cyrus Project." Hahaha. Didn't even plan that. Anyway, it's a cute, pop/country song that is bound to be stuck in your head. 
Favorite Lyric; "And I think sometimes I tend to be my own worst enemy. And maybe someday I'm gonna catch a shooting star falling out of the blue, doing what I do."

So that's this week's fun little playlist! I hope you enjoyed my random little list of current favorite tunes. I'll be back tomorrow (or at least some point in this week) with some beauty favorites. Have a great night/day/afternoon - whatever it is where you are! :)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Funday - Demolishing Nachos & Interior Designing

Well hellooo there internet friends! So, I just totally dropped the ball on blogging last week; I didn't feel like I had anything to write about. But I've been brainstorming all weekend, so I think we're good for this upcoming week. I won't disappear again, promise! Although I just realized I don't have an outfit of the week to share this week and that kinda bums me out...I need to get back on my A game here people. 

Friday night I stayed in and watched a movie with my mom on Netflix. We watched "And So It Goes." It starred Diane Keaton (whom I love - I mean how could you not?!) and Michael Douglas. I was actually surprised by how good this movie was! You know the quality of movies on Netflix is generally pretty subpar... The main story is about a grandfather who happens to fall into having to take care of his granddaughter (whom he didn't even know existed until she showed up) and him starting an unexpected romantic relationship with one of his neighbors. It was a cute, feel good movie and both my mother and I really enjoyed it. I recommend it! 
Also, I did finally finish Paper Towns and I have to say that I absolutely ADORED the ending. I was very near to tears, in a good way that is! I couldn't be more excited about the film coming out. But now I need a new book to read, anybody out there have any suggestions?!

Saturday night I finally reunited with one of my most favorite places ever, Stagehouse obviously. It had been so long since we had nachos we pretty much all almost died. Like, actually. I also got fish and chips which apparently just turned out to be a pretty giant slab of fish and a ton of fries...but I mean I won't complain. And while we were going ham on all the food we got dessert too. We truly gained about 10 pounds each that night...

But seriously how good does that all look?! NO RAGRETS.

Since I don't have an #ootw maybe I'll just do a #motw (makeup of the week)... this is the face I put on for my Stagehouse date. (Aka a date with my best friends cause I'm out here single as fuhhh.) I'm not quite sure why my eyes are always red these days, so I guess that's just the way it is. But on my eyes I just wore MAC Paint Pot in Painterly, L'Oreal Infallible Super Slim liquid eyeliner and L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara. On my face I wore NYX BB Cream in Nude, NYX Dark Circle Concealer in Medium, NYX Concealer Wand in Porcelain, and the Kat Von D Light + Shade contour kit. (Just bronzed my cheeks and temples though, I ain't got time for all dat.) Anddd lastly, on my lips is Too Faced Melted lipstick in Melted Fig. Figured I'd wear a dark lip while it's still cold and I still can!

I also want to share with you my favorite new purchase from none other than Hobby Lobby. If you are lucky enough to have a Hobby Lobby in your vicinity...than you are just lucky. I love that place. Nothing inspires me to decorate the shit out of my future home more. In the meantime though I'll just work with the space I got, aka my room in my mom's house...

Of course, I am talking about that cute little "goodnight" canvas hanging above my bed. I really think I missed my calling as an interior designer, because I saw that sign and decided to literally re-do my entire room and color scheme according to that one painting. (Which will probably happen in the near future!) I definitely still entertain the idea of doing the schooling and training to do become one...but it's so hard to become successful in that career path. I don't know. Life is hard, ya know? 

Anywaaay, that's my little weekend recap for you. I'll be back tomorrow with some new music favorites - I finally have a few collected up to share! I hope everyone enjoys what's left of their Sunday. Positive vibes for the week ahead! 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Funday - #OOTW & iPhone 6

Hello peopleee. So I think I've just decided that Sunday Funday is just going to include #ootw's - because I've failed to make that a separate post for weeks now. This method should work a little bit better, I never miss a Sunday Funday! (Mostly because I have work the next day so I will almost always be home on a Sunday Anyway, I don't have a terribly exciting weekend recap to share with you but I'll get started!

Friday it snowed...yes, on the first day of spring. I found this terribly ironic of mother nature and I didn't really appreciate it. Sooo needless to stay I got home from work and immediately got into my pj's. No shame. I cozied in and read most of Paper Towns by John Green. Absolutely fantastic book (not that I'd expect anything less from John Green - Looking for Alaska is my favorite book on this planet) and I cannot even wait for the movie! Wondering how Cara Delevingne's acting debut will be. Her American accent sounds pretty on point.

Saturday I did something relatively cool though (for me anyway...) I got a new phone! My upgrade wasn't actually until this October and thinking about dealing with my dying-every-other-minute phone until then was beginning to give me hives. The good news was Best Buy would upgrade my phone if I switched over to a Verizon Edge plan (which turned out to lower my family's bill, woo!) And I get to trade my phone at 18 months instead of 24. Although I pray this new phone lasts much better than my old one. Haha. I got this amazing case there as well, SO SPARKLY. It's the 24 Karat Gold Case by Case-Mate. It's a bit pricey but I ended up getting it free essentially, since I got $50 giftcard during this whole new phone thing. :)

This morning I made pancakes. Or actually, I just made one large pancake because I have no self-control and just kept pouring. This is not significant in any way, but I took a cute picture that seemed blog-worthy and am thus sharing it with you all! Also it was not nearly as burnt as it appears here, honestly. I swear - I don't enjoy ingesting charred pancake.

I saved the best for last! #OOTW time! I wore this today out to lunch with my lovely mother.

Sweater - H&M (I actually think I mentioned this sweater on the blog before - it's so warm and comfy!)

Tank top - Francesca's Collection

Boyfriend Jeans - American Eagle Outlet

Boots - Ugg (Bailey Button short in Chestnut)

And that's all I got for this Sunday Funday post! Gonna settle in to watch me some Kardashians and Revenge for the night. Hope everyone has a great Monday! Try to stay as positive as one can on a Monday morning. :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Beauty Tuesday (On a Wednesday) - Ulta Matte Lip Creams

Hellooo dolls. Yes, we are a day behind on the schedule this week. Sorry about that! Please refer to yesterday's post to see what a trying week it's been so far for me. Lol. But I'm fine now, thank the good lord. And here to bring you a beauty fav! I know I usually like to mention two or three products but I really only have one this week (that I quite love might I add!) in two colors. So that counts, right? :)

Ulta Matte Lip Cream
So I have to admit that I only bought these because Casey Holmes (aka itsbl0ndie) did a video on them, otherwise I would have never known of their existence. BUT, thank god I do because they're just wonderful! I actually only decided to try these out because I had to order my favorite liquid eyeliner from Ulta and needed to spend $50 to get free shipping. (You know how you just HAVE to do that? It feels useless if you don't!) These bad boys are $9 a piece, which I think is a bargain. There's a lot of product in them and one application literally lasts you all day. I put mine on before I left for work at 8 and it was still on (for the most part - I did eat and drink during the day) when I left at 5PM! My only problem with these is that they do take quite a bit to dry to matte, I'd say about 10 minutes, and with a darker color it's kind of hard as it can get messy if you aren't just sitting there with your mouth open waiting for it to dry. Which is both hard and awkward to do. Lol. I have not yet worn Tender (pictured below) but it's more of a neutral color so I imagine it will be great for spring and summer! Provided spring/summer EVER arrive in the New Jersey... 

Also, as I've mentioned before, I'm quite pale, so I wanted to show a picture displaying the darker color on a lighter complexion. Personally, I think darker colors look better on paler skin - they stand out more. Just in case any pale gals out there are nervous about dark lip colors. :) 

And that's this week's beauty post for you! I'm trying to spend less money so I'm going to have to brain storm about all of my products to figure out which ones to share with you... Lord knows even without buying new ones all the time I have a ton to share. I haven't even touched the products I got in that Birchbox special from Gilt! That's an idea... Anyway, hope everyone had a good hump day and a great rest of the week. We're almost there you guys! :) Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Music Monday (On a Tuesday) - From Fifth Harmony to Matt Nathanson

Hi ya'llll. Sorry, I fell off the wagon a bit this week as I fell pretty ill last night. I took the day off from work since I had a doctor appointment early in the morning and then later in the afternoon I developed a headache which just got worse and worse until I was nauseous and just totally out of it. :( I ended up going to sleep at 7, waking up to get sick for about an hour, and then wait right back to sleep. I woke up feeling pretty bad still, but the headache finally subsided around 4PM today and I'm well enough to write a short Music Monday (or Tuesday rather...) post! I love these songs so much I had to share them as soon as possible! So here we go!

Like Mariah - Fifth Harmony
To say I'm obsessed with this song would be a complete understatement. I literally can't stop listening to it. Every time I open up Spotify I listen to this song. Every. Single. Time. There's nothing I love more than a great, catchy pop song. They sampled Always Be My Baby, by Mariah Carey (obviously...) and it's just SO GOOD. I could probably do without Tyga's completely pointless rap break in the middle...but besides that this song is getting a 10 out of 10 in my book. Doo doo UH.
Favorite Lyric; "Cause all I want is you. When you do it like this, I just lose my cool."

Where Are Ü Now - Jack Ü (Justin Bieber, Diplo, Skrillex)
Apparently dance music is a really huge thing now, cause that seems to be the entirety of Spotify's Today's Hits playlist, not that I'm complaining! I love to listen to music that makes me wanna dance while I'm at work, gives me a little more energy to do what I need to do! I've already voiced how much I like Justin Bieber...which I know is not the popular opinion. I just think he's talented and I seem to like every song he's on! If you aren't a fan just give this one a chance, it's not bad I SWEAR.
Favorite lyric; "I gave you the key when the door wasn't open, just admit it."

Lean On - Major Lazer (MØ, DJ Snake)
Continuing on with the dance tracks...I love this song mostly because Major Lazer is totally amazing. If you didn't know he's behind the song Pon De Floor. And if you don't know that song you need to just exit this blog RIGHT now and go listen to it. The ultimate party song. Moving on - this song is just great. MØ has a great voice in my opinion. She's the one singing on Beg For It with Iggy Azalea, if you aren't familiar. Anyway, if you're into dance music of any nature I highly suggest this track.
Favorite Lyrics; "We were bold and young. All around the wind blows. We would only hold on to let go."

Headphones - Matt Nathaonson (LOLO)
Anddd we're off the dance tracks and onto the singer/songwriter songs. I've been a fan of Matt Nathanson for quite some time. (Kinks Shirt is a GREAT song...and video) Anyway this is another song off of Spotify's MUSIC YOU SHOULD KNOW playlist. Which everyone should check out, because, well, it's music you should know. Anyway, this is a great alternative/pop (not even sure how to categorize this one) song. I've never heard LOLO before, but she's great as the female voice in this song and it blends really well with Matt Nathanson's smooth voice. Definitely check this one out! Also please watch the video, Matt Nathanson actually made this video to help raise awareness and funds for people with hearing loss. 100% of the artist and label proceeds from this video are being donated to to Starkey Hearing Foundation. Click here for more information. 
Favorite Lyric; "Everybody wants to be with me. I got all I need. I feel invincible with my headphones on."

And that's it for Music Monday aka Tuesday today. Hope you enjoyed this week's playlist. :)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Funday - #OOTW

Hellooo lovelies! Okay so this is going to be the most half-assed Sunday Funday post I've ever written because I just really didn't do anything. Nor did I take pictures of anything. I'm so useless, I'm sorry. Haha.

 I got my first spray tan on Friday night and had all intentions of doing a before and after photo situation to let everyone know what's up and I just totally forgot. (See what I mean about being useless?!) The spray tan was actually very good though. I'm not sure how apparent it is via the internet but I am a VERY pale girl, like porcelain pale. Despite waking up the next morning with a little blotchiness that I was warned would rinse off in the shower, which thankfully it did, I have no other complaints! I've been really loving it! The tan looks completely natural and not orange, which I was quite concerned about it. I got mine as an offer through Gilt City so I got it done at a salon in NYC - but I'll definitely be checking out the places by me for the summer, since as I said before I'm porcelain and don't really tan naturally. Thumbs up over here!

Saturday it poured pretty much all day which forced me to stay indoors and catch up on Pretty Little Liars. I'm not sure how I'm STILL sucked into this pointless show. Like literally who is A? - AM I A?! I JUST DON'T KNOW. Anyway rainy weather gives me crazy sinus headaches so I like to get coffees to help myself out in these situations and I was feeling a donut too and I got this cute one St. Paddy's Day themed one! #runondunkin

The random pink sprinkles ruined the St. Paddy's effect, but whateva.

And now onto my favorite #OOTW! (Taken with my iPhone, I know, I suck, what can I say.)

Sweater - H&M

Leggings - American Eagle Outfitters Outlet

Boots - Uggs

Watch - Marc Jacobs, Bag (sitting on my jewelry box down there) - Longchamp

And yeaaah, that's pretty much it! Hope everyone had a good weekend and maybe were a little bit more productive than I was. Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow with some more favorite songs for you. Really excited about one that I seriously CAN NOT stop listening to. :) 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Beauty Tuesday - Drybar & Kat Von D

Finally made a Beauty Tuesday post on an actual Tuesday! Quite proud right now. I'm so excited to share these recent beauty gems I have found with you all. So, let's just dive right in! I'm so excited I actually have 3 products to share with you because I love them all that much and can't wait.

Boscia Super-Charge Overnight Moisture
First of all, I have to say I'm a huge fan of Boscia in general, as a brand. I used 500 of my VIB points at Sephora to get a Boscia set and it was on of the best things I've ever gotten! Before this super-charge overnight moisturizer I was using their oil-free nightly hydration, which is definitely a great  light nightly moisturizer for those without problem skin. However, my skin gets so incredibly dried out from the winter that I needed something a little more heavy duty for the time being. This is absolutely great! It's definitely super moisturizing (much like the name of the product boasts!) It's especially wonderful because it's a thicker moisturizer that really replenishes the moisture in your skin, but it's thin enough that it doesn't feel like you're slathering your face with a paste that will never soak into your skin. If you're suffering from dry winter skin I certainly recommend this for nighttime moisture. It's one of the more affordable night creams from Sephora at $36. (I plan to save money on skin products during the summer when I can rely on my trusty Aveeno. :) )

drybar Detox Dry Shampoo
drybar is another brand that I'm just a huge fan of as a whole. Their products smell SO DARN GOOD. The first time I used this dray shampoo I would run my hand through my hair and be like, "what is that amazing smell? Is that me? My perfume doesn't smell like that..." then I realized it was just this bottled amazingness. So that's pretty much that. While on the more expensive side, I decided I'd try out this mini size of drybar's dry shampoo because I'm a user (and probably abuser) of dry shampoo on the reg. There's no chore in the world worse for me than washing my hair. I hate the whole having to dry it and THEN having to figure out if I should curl or straighten it. And the damage that causes...yikes. So I prefer to wash my hair once or twice a week and use a dry shampoo on the other days. I realize this won't work for everybody, but I try to keep the heat product using to a minimum as much as possibe... This is no miracle worker, and if you're on a budget, by all means buy some Batiste dry shampoo (the usual budget brand I stick to) but if you're looking to splurge on something that smells like heaven in a bottle unleashes on your hair roots - get this stuff, you won't regret it!

Kat Von D Shade + Light Palette
Eeek! I saved the best for last! I got this palette last week and I have been utterly obsessed with it since. Obsessed enough to post a Snap chat story video...but anyway. This palette really is everything they say it is. Now that I have this and do a slight contour every day, I truly think there is no turning back. The shades last all day on my face. (With a little spritz of Mac Fix+ because, obviously) This is the perfect contouring palette for a beginner, which I still consider myself in terms of makeup. I've literally learned everything I know about makeup from YouTube! Seriously, if you want to learn quick just YouTube whatever you want to know! Meg aka ciaoobelllaxo and Casey Holmes aka itsbl0ndie are two of my fav beauty YouTubers. This palette actually comes with a little card that teaches you the best ways to contour your cheeks, forehead, and nose. It is literally fool-proof! There's also a contour brush by Kat Von D that you can purchase as well, one side is an angled brush and the other side is a fluffier one to apply the highlights. I have been absolutely loving this palette and I think it's worth every penny - so if you're on the fence about this one, definitely go for it.

Just wanted to show the first contour I did - told you it's fool-proof!

And that is all I got for this edition of Beauty Tuesday. I hope you enjoyed my reviews of these products. I love sharing my favorite products so everyone can know what's what! I'll be back later on this week with an #ootw. I swear I will do one this week! Now that I have some new ripped up boyfriend jeans I'm thinking I'll have to post an outfit with them... :) We'll see! Have a great rest of the week everyone! I'll be enjoying the finally non-frigid temps!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Music Monday - From Cam to Kanye West

Happy end of Monday internet friendzzz! We finally had some actually decent weather today - 50 degrees is practically scorching for us at this point so I was beyond thrilled. It's amazing how much your mood can be affected by the weather, I feel like a brand new person when it's nice out! Anyone else seasonally affective out there like me? 

Anyway, we're here to discuss this week's playlist so on to the choices! It's a bit eclectic today so just bare with me.

Half Broke Heart - Cam
I honestly heard this song for the first time this morning while I was getting ready for work anddd...I already know all of the lyrics. I was immediately obsessed with it. I'm not a huge country fan - I usually like the more pop, mainstream country artists but I can't get enough of this song! Mostly because the lyrics are really ringing true to me at the moment. It's always great to listen to a song that has some actual meaning to it, there isn't too much of that going on these days. So this one is for any country lovers!
Favorite Lyric; "A half truth's still a lie. I need my space is still goodbye. A wrong size shoe could look good on you, but you'll be cussin' your feet at midnight."

Like That - Jack & Jack (feat. Skate)
I heard this song for the first time this morning as well and yes I am already obsessed with this one too. Without the Today's Top Hits playlist on Spotify I truly feel my life would have no meaning. Lol. But this song has more of an old school r&b/rap feel to it and I couldn't love it more if I tried. This Skate rapper (whom I've never heard of before) is very comparable to Sammy Adams or Mac Miller and I'm a big fan of both of them so of course I'm loving this. Check this one out if you love hip hop/r&b music. Also apparently these folks are from Nebraska - so I guess that's pretty cool too.
Favorite Lyric; "How people get lost in love, mixed up. I'm beginning to daydream of what we could be and the things we could do if you give me your time."

Let It Go - James Bay
Okay, this one I heard more than a day ago. There's an amazing playlist on Spotify entitled MUSIC YOU SHOULD KNOW. Yes, it is in caps, which I agree with, because it's very important. That playlist is I've never heard of James Bay before but the actual second I heard this song I knew I would love it. Also James Bay is British and we all know how I feel about that by now. But seriously, this brings me back to my point before of songs with lyrics that actual make sense and have a serious, clear meaning. I think I just really enjoy super sad songs about not loving people anymore or love not being real. I'm not sure what that says about me, but that's pretty much where I'm at right now. Hahaha. 
Favorite Lyric; "Everything that's broke, leave it to the breeze. Let the ashes fall, forget about me."

All Day - Kanye West
And this is the part in the blog where I get ghetto. I don't know what it is about Kanye lately but I'm kind of loving him. This is very unlikely but I loveee Only One and I started loving this one the minute I heard it too. The beginning actually kind of sounds like "Monster" which reminds of old, great Kanye. I'm going to be honest and say that I don't actually really understand most of this song - but Kanye's attitude just gets me kinda hype sometimes. I feel like if I ever wanted to punch someone in the face I'd really like some Kanye to be playing in the background. You know what I mean? Hahaha. Anyway if you're a fan of rap I'm sure you've already been on this song. Rap's pretty much winning right now.
Favorite lyric; "People saying "Ye, Ye, take it easy." 20 Gs for the Yeezys off of eBay. N***** do the most and they ain't done sh*t. Only way I can sum it up, son b*tch."

So that's the playlist for this week. Hope you stuck along with all my wacky, nothing-to-do-with-each-other choices. Sometime's I'm just all over the place with what I wanna listen to. I'll be back tomorrow with some favorite beauty products - I have one that I'm completely over the moon with that I can't wait to review for you! Be back tomorrowww! :)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Funday - Leprecon & Sunday Shopping

Guysss. I totally dropped the ball on blogging this past week. I was just completely depressed by the onslaught of winter weather we were dealt and I couldn't really get myself to do much of anything, but no need to fear, I'm back now and this week looks promising weather-wise! So I'm likely to be in a better mood which induces more blogging. Yasss. I hope everyone had a great week though, while the week wasn't too great for me, the weekend shaped up to be pretty sweet.

Friday night I didn't do much to speak of, just went to get my nails done in preparation of Leprecon in Hoboken. I'm not sure why, but it's always the first Saturday in March so I needed to get some green in my life for that. The rest of the night I just hung out with my mom watching television and whatnot. I went to bed pretty early because I knew Saturday was about to be a doozy. 

Sooo Saturday was Leprecon in Hoboken. The GP (game plan) was to take the train and path into Hoboken and meet at a friends apt. However, the path was acting like a damn fool so we decided the most effective way to get to Hoboken would be a cab from Newark Penn. All was going well until the cab driver decided that he didn't know where he was going and tried to drop us in the middle of the damn city. We had to break out the navi and tell this man where to go. How are you a cab driver and don't know directions?! Anyway, we arrived safely and started to get our drink on. It was a great time with friends and we ended up heading out to a bar later where I obviously ordered buffalo chicken pizza. Because, hello, what else do you do when you're drunk and the bar won't serve you food?

Obsesseddd with how my makeup came out! 

We eventually made it home that night after getting MORE pizza. (Which I could not partake in because I was literally dying. Jack & cokes always seem like a good idea at the time...) We literally went to bed at 11PM. RAGERS. So this morning we clearly needed to refuel and we did so by going to brunch. I had the absolute best hot chocolate of life, it was s'mores flavored, like hellooo. Also it just looked so cute.

And then we went shopping at the Jersey Shore Outlets because we were under the impression that it was going to be super nice out. What we didn't know was that there was gonna be like, 900 mph wind gusts, but I mean it wasn't 6 degrees so I guess beggars can't be choosers. 

Sooo this is all that I got! I've been dying to get a pair of ripped up boyfriend jeans and I finally found a great pair at American Eagle! I got two tops from Francesca's collection (also a necklace that isn't pictured because I totally forgot about.) A bunch of earrings from various places, an iPhone case from J. Crew Factory and a new wallet from Kate Spade. I am in LOVE with the color of it, so glad I found it!

And that just about sums up my weekend for you! I hope everyone had a great weekend as well and if you live in the tri-state like me it looks like we may actually get some decent weather this week. So, keep your fingers crossed! I promise I'll be more attentive to the blog this week. I already have my next two posts planned out - so we're good there! Here's hoping Monday goes well tomorrow! :)

Monday, March 2, 2015

Music Monday - From The Wombats to Zedd

Happy Monday everyone! Going to make this a bit of a shorter post as I'm rather know Mondays. So let's just jump right in.

Greek Tragedy - The Wombats
I just recently discovered this Indie British band via Spotify. Obviously any British music pretty much has my heart so I was hooked from the first time I heard this song. It has a kind of electronic feel to it, which is pretty cool. They kind of remind me of Arctic Monkeys circa their latest album.
Favorite Lyric; "I love this feeling, but I hate this part. I wanted this to work so much, I drew up our plans on a chart."

I'm Good - The Mowgli's
I've recently been hearing this band all over Spotify, and for good reason because they make some cute, catchy music. They aren't British, but I still love them. I love to listen to this song when I get to work in the morning, it's just a positive little tune that seems like it would be likely to get you out of a cranky mood. (Which I often am once I get to work. Lol.)
Favorite Lyric; "I wanna see another love revolution. Find a way to be a better person."

Research - Big Sean & Ariana Grande
I know I just mentioned Big Sean in my last music post, but this is my favorite song off of the new album... for this week anyway. I seriously can't get enough! Ariana's hook is just so damn catchy. I sing it all the time. I also am just obsessed with the two of them. I think they're so cute and I cannot wait to inevitably see them perform this together. Thumbs up, sfo
Favorite Lyric; "Say I know what you like, like I did the last time. Do you remember?"

PS - the audio on this video has been pitched down - go on Spotify to listen to the real one!

I Want You To Know - Zedd & Selena Gomez
I mean, who doesn't love Zedd? Everything this kid puts out is a hit. It's actually a little bit crazy. I love Zedd so much that I actually used to cry listening to Clarity...I mean the lyrics, they just get to me! But anyway, this is a really cute song and I'm also a fan of Selena Gomez. (And the fact that these two may or may not be an item.) So if you like dance music that has actual lyrics, this just may be for you.
Favorite Lyric; "I want you to know that I'm all yours, you and me run the same course."

Anddd that's all I've got for tonight! I'm about ready to get into bed and it's only 8PM...I don't know what that even says about me as a person. But anyway, I'll be back tomorrow with some beauty favs for everyone. Hope you have a great night and fabulous Tuesday!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Funday - New Hairs & Irish Soda Bread

Hellooo internet friends! It seems like it's been so long since I've written! I've just had no motivation this weekend. A good 65% of my time has been spent on the couch....just so over the cold weather. Never thought I'd be looking forward to 45 degree weather later this week. Pathetic! Also obviously since I never did my fav #ootw I'll be throwing that in here with this post - I didn't take out my nice camera like a good blogger, so we're just gonna be rolling with iPhone camera pics. Please forgive me!

Thursday I got my hair highlighted/colored and trimmed. It was an absolute disaster from my last at-home dye job and I simply couldn't look at it anymore. It was really unhealthy and just gross looking. So here's what my new hairs are lookin like! I'm so obsessed with how they blow your hair out at the salon, if I could have that done every time I washed my hair I'd be really content with life. Now let's pray my hair grows about 3 inches overnight...sigh. Lol. 

So Friday evening I went out with my friends to go see The Duff, since we had all read the book. The movie was definitely good and had a ton of funny one-liners BUT it was almost nothing like the book! The only thing that was the same was all of the characters' names. That was a little disappointing as I had loved the ending of the book. The cast was great though, Mae Whitman is absolutely hysterical. Overall I recommend the movie if you're a fan of comedy! (Which, like, how could you not?) Then after the Duff we headed over to Brickhouse for some food and drinks. The zucchini curls are to die for and I deeply regret not taking a photo of them for you - but we're likely to go again at some other point. So hopefully I can remember I'm a blogger and actually take a picture. Oopsss. 

Also my #ootw is from Friday night.

Crop Sweater - Target

Scarf - DSW (Steve Madden)

Leggings - Victoria's Secret

(Also I wore my chestnut short Bailey button Uggs)

And then Saturday night I decided I'd do a little baking project and attempt to bake Irish Soda Bread. I am obsesseddd with Irish Soda Bread. (Although I am not in the least bit Irish...) I've tried to bake it on several occasions, but it just never turns out okay. So I was pretty determined to make this recipe work! And it actually did turn out well! I used this recipe I randomly found on Pinterest. Here are some pictures of my process.

It came out so delicious! It had a nice crisp crust and the inside was nice and soft! The recipe had me split the dough into two loaves, which I think was genius so it would bake through evenly. My issue with other recipes was that I couldn't get the loaf to bake all the way through, so this was great. 

And that's about all I have to write about today! It snowed yet again today so I just stayed in and watched some Scandal and napped...the usual Sunday activities. I hope everyone had a great weekend and that you have a swell Monday. I'll be back tomorrow with some tunes for ya'll.