Monday, March 9, 2015

Music Monday - From Cam to Kanye West

Happy end of Monday internet friendzzz! We finally had some actually decent weather today - 50 degrees is practically scorching for us at this point so I was beyond thrilled. It's amazing how much your mood can be affected by the weather, I feel like a brand new person when it's nice out! Anyone else seasonally affective out there like me? 

Anyway, we're here to discuss this week's playlist so on to the choices! It's a bit eclectic today so just bare with me.

Half Broke Heart - Cam
I honestly heard this song for the first time this morning while I was getting ready for work anddd...I already know all of the lyrics. I was immediately obsessed with it. I'm not a huge country fan - I usually like the more pop, mainstream country artists but I can't get enough of this song! Mostly because the lyrics are really ringing true to me at the moment. It's always great to listen to a song that has some actual meaning to it, there isn't too much of that going on these days. So this one is for any country lovers!
Favorite Lyric; "A half truth's still a lie. I need my space is still goodbye. A wrong size shoe could look good on you, but you'll be cussin' your feet at midnight."

Like That - Jack & Jack (feat. Skate)
I heard this song for the first time this morning as well and yes I am already obsessed with this one too. Without the Today's Top Hits playlist on Spotify I truly feel my life would have no meaning. Lol. But this song has more of an old school r&b/rap feel to it and I couldn't love it more if I tried. This Skate rapper (whom I've never heard of before) is very comparable to Sammy Adams or Mac Miller and I'm a big fan of both of them so of course I'm loving this. Check this one out if you love hip hop/r&b music. Also apparently these folks are from Nebraska - so I guess that's pretty cool too.
Favorite Lyric; "How people get lost in love, mixed up. I'm beginning to daydream of what we could be and the things we could do if you give me your time."

Let It Go - James Bay
Okay, this one I heard more than a day ago. There's an amazing playlist on Spotify entitled MUSIC YOU SHOULD KNOW. Yes, it is in caps, which I agree with, because it's very important. That playlist is I've never heard of James Bay before but the actual second I heard this song I knew I would love it. Also James Bay is British and we all know how I feel about that by now. But seriously, this brings me back to my point before of songs with lyrics that actual make sense and have a serious, clear meaning. I think I just really enjoy super sad songs about not loving people anymore or love not being real. I'm not sure what that says about me, but that's pretty much where I'm at right now. Hahaha. 
Favorite Lyric; "Everything that's broke, leave it to the breeze. Let the ashes fall, forget about me."

All Day - Kanye West
And this is the part in the blog where I get ghetto. I don't know what it is about Kanye lately but I'm kind of loving him. This is very unlikely but I loveee Only One and I started loving this one the minute I heard it too. The beginning actually kind of sounds like "Monster" which reminds of old, great Kanye. I'm going to be honest and say that I don't actually really understand most of this song - but Kanye's attitude just gets me kinda hype sometimes. I feel like if I ever wanted to punch someone in the face I'd really like some Kanye to be playing in the background. You know what I mean? Hahaha. Anyway if you're a fan of rap I'm sure you've already been on this song. Rap's pretty much winning right now.
Favorite lyric; "People saying "Ye, Ye, take it easy." 20 Gs for the Yeezys off of eBay. N***** do the most and they ain't done sh*t. Only way I can sum it up, son b*tch."

So that's the playlist for this week. Hope you stuck along with all my wacky, nothing-to-do-with-each-other choices. Sometime's I'm just all over the place with what I wanna listen to. I'll be back tomorrow with some favorite beauty products - I have one that I'm completely over the moon with that I can't wait to review for you! Be back tomorrowww! :)


  1. My mood is totally reflective of the weather! It's starting to warm up in NC and I'm feeling so positive and energetic! Great songs today!

  2. It is finally out of the 20 degree weather and I feel like a completely different person! So happy! Haha. :)


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