Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Funday - Demolishing Nachos & Interior Designing

Well hellooo there internet friends! So, I just totally dropped the ball on blogging last week; I didn't feel like I had anything to write about. But I've been brainstorming all weekend, so I think we're good for this upcoming week. I won't disappear again, promise! Although I just realized I don't have an outfit of the week to share this week and that kinda bums me out...I need to get back on my A game here people. 

Friday night I stayed in and watched a movie with my mom on Netflix. We watched "And So It Goes." It starred Diane Keaton (whom I love - I mean how could you not?!) and Michael Douglas. I was actually surprised by how good this movie was! You know the quality of movies on Netflix is generally pretty subpar... The main story is about a grandfather who happens to fall into having to take care of his granddaughter (whom he didn't even know existed until she showed up) and him starting an unexpected romantic relationship with one of his neighbors. It was a cute, feel good movie and both my mother and I really enjoyed it. I recommend it! 
Also, I did finally finish Paper Towns and I have to say that I absolutely ADORED the ending. I was very near to tears, in a good way that is! I couldn't be more excited about the film coming out. But now I need a new book to read, anybody out there have any suggestions?!

Saturday night I finally reunited with one of my most favorite places ever, Stagehouse obviously. It had been so long since we had nachos we pretty much all almost died. Like, actually. I also got fish and chips which apparently just turned out to be a pretty giant slab of fish and a ton of fries...but I mean I won't complain. And while we were going ham on all the food we got dessert too. We truly gained about 10 pounds each that night...

But seriously how good does that all look?! NO RAGRETS.

Since I don't have an #ootw maybe I'll just do a #motw (makeup of the week)... this is the face I put on for my Stagehouse date. (Aka a date with my best friends cause I'm out here single as fuhhh.) I'm not quite sure why my eyes are always red these days, so I guess that's just the way it is. But on my eyes I just wore MAC Paint Pot in Painterly, L'Oreal Infallible Super Slim liquid eyeliner and L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara. On my face I wore NYX BB Cream in Nude, NYX Dark Circle Concealer in Medium, NYX Concealer Wand in Porcelain, and the Kat Von D Light + Shade contour kit. (Just bronzed my cheeks and temples though, I ain't got time for all dat.) Anddd lastly, on my lips is Too Faced Melted lipstick in Melted Fig. Figured I'd wear a dark lip while it's still cold and I still can!

I also want to share with you my favorite new purchase from none other than Hobby Lobby. If you are lucky enough to have a Hobby Lobby in your vicinity...than you are just lucky. I love that place. Nothing inspires me to decorate the shit out of my future home more. In the meantime though I'll just work with the space I got, aka my room in my mom's house...

Of course, I am talking about that cute little "goodnight" canvas hanging above my bed. I really think I missed my calling as an interior designer, because I saw that sign and decided to literally re-do my entire room and color scheme according to that one painting. (Which will probably happen in the near future!) I definitely still entertain the idea of doing the schooling and training to do become one...but it's so hard to become successful in that career path. I don't know. Life is hard, ya know? 

Anywaaay, that's my little weekend recap for you. I'll be back tomorrow with some new music favorites - I finally have a few collected up to share! I hope everyone enjoys what's left of their Sunday. Positive vibes for the week ahead! 

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