Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Funday - New Hairs & Irish Soda Bread

Hellooo internet friends! It seems like it's been so long since I've written! I've just had no motivation this weekend. A good 65% of my time has been spent on the couch....just so over the cold weather. Never thought I'd be looking forward to 45 degree weather later this week. Pathetic! Also obviously since I never did my fav #ootw I'll be throwing that in here with this post - I didn't take out my nice camera like a good blogger, so we're just gonna be rolling with iPhone camera pics. Please forgive me!

Thursday I got my hair highlighted/colored and trimmed. It was an absolute disaster from my last at-home dye job and I simply couldn't look at it anymore. It was really unhealthy and just gross looking. So here's what my new hairs are lookin like! I'm so obsessed with how they blow your hair out at the salon, if I could have that done every time I washed my hair I'd be really content with life. Now let's pray my hair grows about 3 inches overnight...sigh. Lol. 

So Friday evening I went out with my friends to go see The Duff, since we had all read the book. The movie was definitely good and had a ton of funny one-liners BUT it was almost nothing like the book! The only thing that was the same was all of the characters' names. That was a little disappointing as I had loved the ending of the book. The cast was great though, Mae Whitman is absolutely hysterical. Overall I recommend the movie if you're a fan of comedy! (Which, like, how could you not?) Then after the Duff we headed over to Brickhouse for some food and drinks. The zucchini curls are to die for and I deeply regret not taking a photo of them for you - but we're likely to go again at some other point. So hopefully I can remember I'm a blogger and actually take a picture. Oopsss. 

Also my #ootw is from Friday night.

Crop Sweater - Target

Scarf - DSW (Steve Madden)

Leggings - Victoria's Secret

(Also I wore my chestnut short Bailey button Uggs)

And then Saturday night I decided I'd do a little baking project and attempt to bake Irish Soda Bread. I am obsesseddd with Irish Soda Bread. (Although I am not in the least bit Irish...) I've tried to bake it on several occasions, but it just never turns out okay. So I was pretty determined to make this recipe work! And it actually did turn out well! I used this recipe I randomly found on Pinterest. Here are some pictures of my process.

It came out so delicious! It had a nice crisp crust and the inside was nice and soft! The recipe had me split the dough into two loaves, which I think was genius so it would bake through evenly. My issue with other recipes was that I couldn't get the loaf to bake all the way through, so this was great. 

And that's about all I have to write about today! It snowed yet again today so I just stayed in and watched some Scandal and napped...the usual Sunday activities. I hope everyone had a great weekend and that you have a swell Monday. I'll be back tomorrow with some tunes for ya'll.


  1. Your hair looks amazing - I just love how the salon always makes you look like a celebrity, if I only I could do it on my own haha! And the scones you made look delicious!

    1. Thanks so much! And they really do! It's always so bouncey and full of life when I leave. I wish it was always like that!