Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Funday - #OOTW & iPhone 6

Hello peopleee. So I think I've just decided that Sunday Funday is just going to include #ootw's - because I've failed to make that a separate post for weeks now. This method should work a little bit better, I never miss a Sunday Funday! (Mostly because I have work the next day so I will almost always be home on a Sunday Anyway, I don't have a terribly exciting weekend recap to share with you but I'll get started!

Friday it snowed...yes, on the first day of spring. I found this terribly ironic of mother nature and I didn't really appreciate it. Sooo needless to stay I got home from work and immediately got into my pj's. No shame. I cozied in and read most of Paper Towns by John Green. Absolutely fantastic book (not that I'd expect anything less from John Green - Looking for Alaska is my favorite book on this planet) and I cannot even wait for the movie! Wondering how Cara Delevingne's acting debut will be. Her American accent sounds pretty on point.

Saturday I did something relatively cool though (for me anyway...) I got a new phone! My upgrade wasn't actually until this October and thinking about dealing with my dying-every-other-minute phone until then was beginning to give me hives. The good news was Best Buy would upgrade my phone if I switched over to a Verizon Edge plan (which turned out to lower my family's bill, woo!) And I get to trade my phone at 18 months instead of 24. Although I pray this new phone lasts much better than my old one. Haha. I got this amazing case there as well, SO SPARKLY. It's the 24 Karat Gold Case by Case-Mate. It's a bit pricey but I ended up getting it free essentially, since I got $50 giftcard during this whole new phone thing. :)

This morning I made pancakes. Or actually, I just made one large pancake because I have no self-control and just kept pouring. This is not significant in any way, but I took a cute picture that seemed blog-worthy and am thus sharing it with you all! Also it was not nearly as burnt as it appears here, honestly. I swear - I don't enjoy ingesting charred pancake.

I saved the best for last! #OOTW time! I wore this today out to lunch with my lovely mother.

Sweater - H&M (I actually think I mentioned this sweater on the blog before - it's so warm and comfy!)

Tank top - Francesca's Collection

Boyfriend Jeans - American Eagle Outlet

Boots - Ugg (Bailey Button short in Chestnut)

And that's all I got for this Sunday Funday post! Gonna settle in to watch me some Kardashians and Revenge for the night. Hope everyone has a great Monday! Try to stay as positive as one can on a Monday morning. :)


  1. I'm dying to upgrade to the iPhone 6! Love your new phone case. And those pancakes look amazing! What a fun weekend!

    1. I am always so obsessed with getting the newest phones - I just can't help it. I've been loving it so far though. :)