Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Beauty Wednesday - VS PINK Skin Products

You guys. I did it. I'm getting up a beauty post this week! *Pats self on back* Carrying on...  I mentioned in my post on Sunday that I bought a couple beauty/skin products from Victoria's Secret Pink that I was going to try out and possibly share with you all. Being that they're so cute and I actually like them, I'm here to follow through with that. 

Playing around with editing photos - I hope that doesn't look like a kindergarten's first creation...

First up, is the Pink Coconut Oil Sheer Cooling Spray Lotion
I've been wanting to try a spray lotion for awhile now, since I literally can't begin my day unless I moisturize after my shower. However, keeping your skin moisturizer is quite time consuming. My main goal with the spray lotion was to cut back on my time getting ready for work. I mean, we all need all the sleep we can get, am I right?! The other benefit of this spray lotion is that it has coconut oil, which I have previously mentioned is the nectar of the Gods. Well, maybe not, but I think it's pretty darn amazing. Naturally, I love the smell of this product, smells like I belong on a tropical island. I've been using this lotion every day this week and I definitely think it helps to save time, the coconut oil keeps me moisturized, and it makes my skin smell good. These are all wins in my opinion! The only downside I would highlight is that my spray nozzle gets a little stuck and difficult to spray, besides that I completely recommend this product. I already know I'm going to re-purchase since the scent is so summery and exotic and summer is actually now in sight!

Pink Coconut Oil Conditioning Hair & Body Oil
While I love the spray lotion, I think the better of the two is the hair and body oil. As I said before I LOVE coconut oil, but putting pure coconut oil in your hair, while being super beneficial, is a royal pain in the ass to wash out. Anddd, for that reason I thought this spray oil was a fantabulous idea. I also love the fact that you can use it on both your hair and your skin. My friend and I actually sprayed it on our hair while we were in the store and it definitely has a softening effect, as well as the same tropical smell as the lotion! For someone like me, who doesn't wash their hair more than twice a week, it's good to have a product that softens and freshens hair in between washes. (I still use my dry shampoo as well though!) Once I got home I sprayed it on my arms before we went out to soften the skin (since I hadn't moisturized since the morning) and it makes the skin REALLY soft. My arms felt seriously silky after this stuff. I'm not going to sit here and claim that it lasts until infinity and it's a miracle worker, but as a refresher for your hair and skin alike, it's a total winner in my book. Victoria's Secret also does a lot of sales when buying 2 or 3 beauty products, so you're bound to be able to get some kind of deal on these whenever you want to purchase. :) Double thumbs up. 

So there you have it, a long overdue beauty post! I hope you enjoy and my reviews may possibly help you when you're out there at the mall wondering what you should purchase. Also, now that it's so nice out I may even have a fashion post up my sleeve for later this week! It's now kimono season, and they are my absolute favorite. We shall see. :) Hope everyone has a great one! Positive vibes only. 


  1. Hi dear! Interesting post! Very beautiful photos!

    With love, Nastya Deutsch ♡

  2. I got the spray lotion and shower gel from the vs sale several days ago, marked down to 7.50 from 14.50 and it smells so good!! Couldn't really smell it in the store but once I opened it and sprayed it was heaven. Even though it was rainy and cold, it brought a bit of spring break to my apartment bathroom. Wish I got more cause once I'm out, I'm out, unless I get it from online somewhere.. too tempting to not spray