Friday, April 24, 2015

Fashion Friday - Concert #OOTD

Heyyy guys! Happy Friday! But more important, the Bruce Jenner interview is on tonight. Is anyone else literally counting down the hours? Or am I the only totally buying into this media sensation? I'm such a sucker for anything Kardashian related... But like, what if the rumors aren't real? What if it's just a random interview with Bruce Jenner? I'm just dying to know. I'm pathetic, I know. Hahaha.

Anyway, the real reason for this post. Going to detail my outfit for the concert last weekend. :)

Denim Jacket - Old Navy
This is actually a child sized denim jacket. (Don't judge me, it was only $19!) I actually seriously recommend that if you're petite like me (I'm 5 feet tall) check out the children sizes of jackets in Old Navy, because I've noticed regular Old Navy sizes run kind of big. I always have to get an extra small which is nearly the same size as a child sized extra large, so might as well get a bargain, ya know?! I've been looking for a super acid washed/bleached denim jacket, so I was very pleased to find this super cheap one. Since it was so cheap I was able to afford a darker wash one too! Denim for all occasions!

T-Shirt - Victoria's Secret
I get most of my t-shirts and tank tops from Victoria's Secret, I know I mentioned on the blog before that I'm very partial to their yoga pants and I feel kind of the same about their tanks and tees. It also helps that they're available in just about every color on the planet. I have white, gray, mint green, get the idea. Plus they're always on sale so you can grab a few at a time!

(Faux) Leather Leggings - Forever 21
I've definitely mentioned these on the blog before, but leather leggings are pretty much my favorite. Sadly I've discovered there's a hole in the crotch (ew) of these particular ones so I guess I need to go find a new favorite pair of leather leggings. I've been eyeing a pair from Topshop so we shall see... I think leather leggings can edge up what would otherwise be a very simple look. 

Sneakers - Converse
I love high top converse! What I don't like is how difficult it is to get your feet into them. (Cause of the high part - I hope someone out there feels my pain with this. Lol.) My main tip with these is make sure you wear higher socks, because if you wear low ones they will definitely fall down and get stuck down there forever and you will be incredibly annoyed whilst walking around. 

Crossbody Bag - Betsey Johnson
I got this bag forever ago at DSW. (Which I highly recommend for higher end brands for cheaper, such as Betsey Johnson, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, etc...) Unfortunately as time wore on I lost my Betsey Johnson signature bow off of it and it's become a little faded, but I still love to bring it out now and again for a pop of color on a neutral outfit. 

Sunglasses - Michael Kors
Pretty basic aviator sunglasses - I love these but they always get stuck in my hair.

Jewelry - Alex & Ani and Juicy Couture bracelets, Garage necklace

That's about it for this long over due fashion post. I may post something beauty related tomorrow or mashed into my Sunday Funday post in a couple days. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Enjoy!!

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  1. The leather leggings are so fab! Love how you're rocking them with denim.