Monday, April 20, 2015

Funday Monday - Hit The Lights & Cartel Concert

Hellooo people! I missed my post yesterday because I was in NYC seeing Hit The Lights and Cartel at Gramercy Theatre. So, I am here today to tell you all about it! As well as recap my weekend for you a bit.

So Friday evening I went to dinner with my friends at where else, but Stagehouse. I've actually gone as far as to just abbreviate it to SH. I didn't even bother taking pictures because I wasn't sure I could even manage to shove a picture of nachos in front of your faces again. Long story short, a delicious time was had by all. I also had a pomegranate margarita that made my eyes twitch. Apparently tequila has that effect on me? Whatcanyado. 

Saturday it was absolutely GORGEOUS out. Like 80 degrees. It was pretty much a dream for me. I wore no sleeves and I was actually hot. Like, sweating and everything. It was the greatest thing I've experienced this year thus far. Yes, I am saying that I enjoyed sweating. That's just how terrible this winter has been. I just went out and ran some errands with my mother and hit Old Navy to get inexpensive denim jackets, since I've had mine for God knows how many years and it was starting to look green. Ew. I was able to snag a child sized one that was only $19, perks of being a miniature person. And one regular size one since I couldn't find the dark wash in kids sizes... #pathetic

Then Sunday was the day to see Hit The Lights and Cartel. Cartel is doing a 10 year anniversary tour for their album Chroma. That album was more or less my life when I was about 15 so there was no way I was missing out on that! I headed out to the city, which was absolutely disastrous. I Uber-ed myself to the train station closest to my house only to find out that there were 30-45 minute delays and then substitute was bizarre to say the least. So I had to quickly get a different Uber over to where my friend was taking the train in to get on a mode of transportation that made sense. I told the Uber driver I needed to get there in like 15 minutes and he miraculously made it happen and I got on the train JUST as it was arriving in the station. Thank goodness I actually made it! The anxiety struggle was SO real. Once we got to the city we grabbed some dinner/lunch at this cute bar called Taproom. The nachos came on like, a piece of tree which I thought was hipster as hell. It was a cute little place. A bit expensive, but that's the city for ya!

After some strolling about and stopping in a Starbucks and Duane Reade we finally went over to the concert, grabbed some Angry Orchard's and settled in to wait for the bands. Two bands came on before Hit The Lights and Cartel. The first band was Driver Friendly, and I quite liked them. Fun, pop-punk kind of music. Although the keyboard player was thrashing his head so much I was almost certain he was going to smash it on his keyboard. He didn't. But it was pretty damn close. Next was a band called TEAM* that my friend and I weren't too fond of, they were a little too alternative for our taste. However, it turned out that the lead singer was actually a member of an older band, Forever The Sickest Kids. So, that was interesting about them at least. Then finallyyy, Hit The Lights came on, which I was obviously pretty excited for. The lead singer, Nick Thompson is one of the hottest people possibly ever. He has that whole package of being a musician and being in great shape. Can't lose with that. They played some new songs, which led me to discover that their new album is really legit. I've been listening to it all day! They also played some old classics that were great to hear as well. I was really happy to finally get to see them.

Cartel played their entire album Chroma, and it was actually being streamed online as well via Yahoo, which I thought was pretty cool. Although I've loved Cartel for quite some time, I've actually never seen them live, so I was really grateful to be able to see them playing their older music that I used to live and breathe. The lead singer, Will, sounds just as amazing live as he does on recordings, which I think says a lot about the band. I was seriously so excited to be a part of this tour! It went far beyond my expectations and got me super pumped for all the concerts I'll be going to this summer! PS I also made both these YouTube videos on my iMovie - wanted to combine all my clips into something cute for you! Hope you like em!

That's it for my weekend, I'll be doing my Music Monday post tomorrow and we'll just be a day behind on our schedule for this week. I'm also planning on doing a post on the outfit I wore to the concert later this week as well. I have a lot of good stuff planned for this week! :) Have a great one guys!


  1. Your weekend sound so fun - shopping with mom can't be beat! And what a steal for a denim jacket!

    1. I can't stop wearing them - obsessed! Hope you had a great weekend as well! :)