Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sunday Funday - Easter Weekend!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope everyone has had a great day with their families! And a great weekend besides that! 

Friday night I went down to Asbury Park with my best friend to one of our favorite bars Porta. (Which is also a pizzeria that is quite delicious.) We spent most of the night hanging out at the bar drinking some AO's. (Angry Orchards) Despite attracting a couple of middle-aged weirdos in the beginning of the night, the night as a whole ended up being pretty decent. Haaa. We spent quite a lot of time people watching and even saw someone get kicked out by security. Although we're not quite sure why, he did seem pretty belligerent for a good portion of the night. Fun times! Hahaha. Going out down the shore is the best once the weather starts permitting. :)

Saturday I finally got around to dying my Easter eggs! I bought the cutest little kit from Target for $5! It came with so much stuff I didn't even use it all. I liked getting a little creative with these. I think they turned out perfect - I was really pleased!

Saturday evening we went to go get our first facials in the city. Everything started out well and I quite liked the facial for the most part. However, they pick at any imperfection in your face to clear out your pores - I don't particularly like that. (My friend I went with really enjoyed that, so it's all personal preference! I'm not trying to be down on facials as a whole. I hear they're really great for your skin regularly.) I have always been taught not to pick pimples to prevent bacteria getting in and infecting them. They also put a face mask over my eyes so I couldn't see for 15 minutes, wasn't too thrilled about that either. So, I'm not too happy about all the little red blemishes I have from them picking in my pores, but I'm sure they'll go away in a few days and I'll be fine. Perhaps facials just aren't for me. I'll stick to my little Glamglows for now!

Then obviously today is Easter! I'm not a very religious person, nor is my family, but I do enjoy a reason to get together and have a nice meal and catch up with my family. My mom made a fantastic lasagna and we had quite a feast. Then mini eclairs and cream puffs for dessert! And of course Peeps and Cadbury eggs, because what would Easter be without them?!

So that's my weekend recap for you! I'll be back tomorrow with my weekly playlist. I'm going to try to brainstorm a beauty favorites post for this week as well, since I haven't been too successful in the past weeks with them. I've been trying to save money for a vacation this summer, so I haven't been buying anything new! I guess perhaps I'll just have to talk about stuff I already know and love. We'll see. :) Have a great Monday tomorrow everyone!


  1. I dyed eggs today too! Sounds like you had such a fab Easter holiday!

    1. I love dying eggs! The little kits are just too cute. Hope you had a great Easter as well. :)