Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Funday - AC & Literally Nothing Else Because I Have No Life

GUYS! I know, it's been too long since I've been up in blogland. The weather has just been so nice and I think I might lose the whole rigid schedule thing and just produce quality blog posts when I have the inspiration and time to. Especially with summer coming up - I like to get outside as much as I can. Also, I just ordered a new bike this morning so I plan on being out on it as much as possible. Getting to take in the great outdoors whilst exercising, that's a two for one! Anyway, onto my weekend recap. 
Friday evening I headed down to Atlantic City with my friend Nicole to celebrate a friend's 21st birthday. We stayed at the Borgata and pre-gamed with tequila and orange juice and Ruffles, of course. Ruffles are a staple when drinking alcohol with my group of friends. Then we headed out to mur.mur pretty late for some more drinks and dancing. They played a ton of rap which was slightly disappointing at first, but as the night wore on they started playing more club and dance music. Unfortunately the only people we attracted all night were actual trolls that couldn't take no for an answer if their life depended on it. It concerns me that men think they can just touch any person they want to, like just because a woman is in the club it doesn't mean she wants her personal space to be invaded by you, uninvited. (I am JUST sayin!) Aside from a few creepers - it was a great night! I'm not a huge partier and I don't go out and super late too often, but I like to make the most of it when I do. 

So obviously after being out nearly all night on Saturday I laid pretty low on Saturday. Lifetime was premiering the movie about the Cleveland abductions, where 3 women were kidnapped and held for about 10 years. I was pretty intrigued to see the whole story and the movie was actually based on a book one of the women who were held captive wrote. The movie was called "Cleveland Abduction." I honestly couldn't even believe this movie, it's truly terrifying that this could even happen in real life.  It really upsets me that I need to be extremely careful whenever I go out and do anything by myself for fear that something could happen to me. The world should not be that way. Ariel Castro kidnapped, and then continually beat and raped these women daily. The beatings were pretty brutal in the movie, so I can only imagine they were even worse in actuality. It makes me sick that this can happen to people in this day and age. This man was so sick and disturbed and I hope the high publicity of this travesty helps to remind people to report anything strange or unsafe you may see, no matter how serious you think it is. You never know what could be happening behind closed doors and if you see something even slightly concerning it's better to call the police and have it investigated, instead of realizing later it was something terrible you could have done something to help. 

Naturally I needed a snack for my movie night...

Anddd that's my little weekend recap! I will likely be back tomorrow (or at least some point this week) for a music post since I didn't get one up last week and I have quite a few new songs I've been really loving! I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend with great weather like mine! Also have a great upcoming week. :) Enjoy!

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