Sunday, May 31, 2015


Heyyy guys. I know it's been awhile and I insist on doing more than my weekend recap posts, but I just haven't been able to get myself together to do that. Ha. I swear I'm gonna do it this week though, I bought a ton of stuff shopping today (woops...) so I NEED to do a haul. Like, actually need to.

Anyway - let me get on with the weekend recap. Friday I headed down the shore again to hang with my friend. We actually planned on hitting the beach Saturday morning but while it was like 85 degrees inland, on the beach it was like 65 and windy as all, fail. ANWAY, Friday night we just headed out to downtown Asbury Park. Such a great place to chill and eat - the cutest places EVER. First we hit a Chinese-American bar/eatery called Happyness. We just nibbled on a couple snacks and had ourselves a nice little fish bowl. We got the Blue Hawaiian, which pretty much tasted like heaven. Or what I imagine Hawaii to taste like, I guess. Since Happyness didn't really have dinner-type food we headed two doors down to Talula's to grab a little pizza. It was SO delicious and they were also screening West Side Story on the wall - so wins all around really. By that time it was like 10:30 and us oldies were ready to get home and in bed, especially since the night got a little bit chilly.

As I said before, our original Saturday plan included going to the beach, however that just couldn't happen with the wind and chill factor. So, we went to breakfast, killed it at Old Navy, (bought the best pants and the most American sweater ever) dipped into Brennan's, (the best sandwich you will ever have in your life) and then hit up Asbury Biergarten. The weather was absolutely perfect to sit and have a beer. Just kidding, I don't like beer at all, by the grace of God my friend recommended this super fruity/sweet beer for me and that's pretty much the only one I can be a fan of. 

Then it was time to head back up my way to hit up the ED SHEERAN concert. I'm a huge fan of Ed Sheeran, and I've been stoked for this concert since I bought the tickets SO LONG AGO. It was also my first time at the Prudential Center in Newark as well. (Where the Devil's play.) As usual, Ed was a phenomenal performer, although nothing compares to when I saw him at MSG in New York. The opening act, Foy Vance was good, however, he wanted the crowd to sing along with his songs and not many people knew the lyrics so I felt a little embarrassed for him. There was also a gentleman clapping on the offbeat pretty much the entire concert, but hey, do you no-rhythm-having man! Ed bringing all types together!

So that was my fun filled weekend! I hope you had a great weekend as well and that there was lovely weather to enjoy. The upcoming week is looking pretty abysmal, but I'm just going to hope for the best. Have a great week, dears! :)

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  1. Ahhh what an amazing night! So jealous :)