Monday, May 25, 2015

MONday Funday - MDW Edition

Heyyy internet friends! Hope everyone has had a marvelous Memorial Day Weekend! Although it's lovely to have days off from work and hang out down the shore, try to keep in mind the real reason for Memorial Day and appreciate the people who dedicate their lives to the military and keeping this country safe.

Anyways, just going to do a quick weekend recap for you as I feel horrid today, sadly. :(

Friday evening I headed down the shore via a PACKED south bound train. All those bennys... (Although I am technically one, but I lived down by the beach for school for years so I'm no longer counting myself as one.) Misery. But I made it down to my friends new place in nearly no time and was ready to get the weekend started. So we walked down to Parker House in Sea Girt around 8, but there was already a cover (and we were going back the next day...), so we decided to just hang out and drink some cider at my friends. It was nice to just sit around and talk with friends. Here's a photo from the walk in Sea Girt. I thought I edited it pretty nicely.

Saturday morning we went to one of our favorite breakfast places in Asbury Park called Toast. I can't speak highly enough of the food there, especially the muffins and breakfast potatoes. However, on this particular morning there was a bearded man working there who was an absolute nightmare. Literally being so rude to customers. He made me so angry I had to write a Yelp review about it. Hahaha. I'm one of those people, yes.

Unfortunately it was pretty frigid Saturday afternoon and night. We spent much of the afternoon at Parker House where we were meeting friends and then headed over to Bar A, which was for all intents and purposes, a disaster. We initially went there early so we could eat, but the hostess said it would be over an hour wait (despite 4 empty tables.) So we left to get pizza, but I only wanted garlic knots, which I did get, however they were actually hard as rocks. Just wasn't winning that day. Haha. I did end up getting cheese fries later on though, which helped tremendously. The freezing weather forced us to stay in the inside part most of the time which was less than desirable - but overall an okay night. No pictures were taken, sorry I wasn't being a good blogger that night.

Than Sunday morning we walked into town and had breakfast at On Third Ave Cafe, where I had the most delicious iced caramel macchiato. So good! Spring Lake is such a cute little town so I snapped a couple photos on our quick walk.

And that is about it my friends. See, not everyone who frequents the Jersey Shore is of the Snooki circa 2010 persuasion. Ha! (That's not a jab at the current Snooki, I think she's super cute and her kids are to die for...) Anyway, it's back to work tomorrow for me. Sad face for daaays. But it's a short week and I'm sure I'll make it. I promise I'll try to blog at some point this week. I just got a new dress so I'm feeling a fashion post in the near future... ;) Enjoy the week!

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