Friday, July 8, 2016

The ABC's of Literally Liz

So, no, I haven't blogged since last year. Yes, I am just going to dive back in with a stolen little get-to-know-me piece since it's been so long and this blog barely knows me anymore.

Without further adieu...

A - Age: twenty five! But I'll be twenty six this year (in 3 months actually...) which is equally exciting as it is terrifying. #adulting

B - Biggest Fear: Being stalked. Nothing freaks me out more than the idea that someone is following me around without my knowledge. And knowing all the things I do and...ugh. I blame all my "Unsolved Mysteries" watching as a kid for this one...

C - Current Time - Right now it's 3:37PM, but when I post this it'll probably be a completely different day. Yay for planned posts! Haha

D - Drink you last had - Coke from McDonald's. Health is obviously extremely important to me...

E - Every day starts with - my God awful alarm? ...and iced coffee, definitelyyy iced coffee.

F - Favorite song - EVER? That's real tough seeing as I love so many different types of music. Currently I'm loving, "Bacon" by Nick Jonas, "Wherever I Go" by One Republic, and "Controlla" by Drake.