Friday, July 8, 2016

The ABC's of Literally Liz

So, no, I haven't blogged since last year. Yes, I am just going to dive back in with a stolen little get-to-know-me piece since it's been so long and this blog barely knows me anymore.

Without further adieu...

A - Age: twenty five! But I'll be twenty six this year (in 3 months actually...) which is equally exciting as it is terrifying. #adulting

B - Biggest Fear: Being stalked. Nothing freaks me out more than the idea that someone is following me around without my knowledge. And knowing all the things I do and...ugh. I blame all my "Unsolved Mysteries" watching as a kid for this one...

C - Current Time - Right now it's 3:37PM, but when I post this it'll probably be a completely different day. Yay for planned posts! Haha

D - Drink you last had - Coke from McDonald's. Health is obviously extremely important to me...

E - Every day starts with - my God awful alarm? ...and iced coffee, definitelyyy iced coffee.

F - Favorite song - EVER? That's real tough seeing as I love so many different types of music. Currently I'm loving, "Bacon" by Nick Jonas, "Wherever I Go" by One Republic, and "Controlla" by Drake.

G - Ghosts, are they real? - Actually, yeah, I kinda think they are. I've always felt like I have a friendly ghost of my dad hanging around! I choose not to believe in scary ghosts though.

H - Hometown - Dunellen, NJ. No you haven't heard of it. I graduated without 65 other kids. So, that's that.

I - In love with - The summer! My life, my friends, my family. Everything is just so much more beautiful in the summer.

J - Jealous of - People that don't have to work full time for a living and have more than enough money to get them through life. Must be real, real great.

K - Killed someone? ...Is this real? Have I ACTUALLY killed someone? No, of course not. Have I WANTED to kill someone? Yes, abso-freaking-lutely.

L - Last time you cried - Honestly I'm not too sure, I don't cry much these days. Probably from those Elizabeth videos on Facebook though. (I hope you know what I'm talking about, if not click that link and die of laughter.) I cry happy tears when things are real hilarious.

M - Middle name - Grace. Pretty unfitting seeing as I'm one of the least graceful people on the planet... #teammysteriouslegbruise

N - Number of siblings - Just one! Half-sibling really, but a sister all the same! 

O - One wish  - Is it bad that I immediately started singing the song "One Wish" by Ray J in my head just now? God, I loved that song. Anyway, probably to have a never ending supply of money. I know money isn't supposed to buy happiness, but I'm pretty sure whoever said that just didn't know where to shop.

P - Person you last called - I really don't call people on the reg, texting is my jam. But, I called my hair salon yesterday to book an appointment, so I guess them.

Q - Question you're always asked - "What gym do you go to?" to which I reply "Haven't really been to the gym since December..." I do occasionally go to kickboxing but otherwise I just eat a lot of junk food and pray my pants will button,,,

R - Reason to smile - I live literally next to the beach sooo...    

S - Song last sang - "Come Get Her" by Rae Sremmurd. Go ahead and judge me, it's catchy as shit.

T - Time you woke up - 6:10AM! When I actually got out of bed however, is a whole other story...

U - Underwear color - Well this is a little invasive. But, blue, if you must know.

V - Vacation destination - Italy. Always and forever, Italy. Amazingly beautiful country and culture.

W - Worst habit - Twirling and breaking my hair. I've done this since I was a child and I HATE it, but cannot stop. Such an awful nervous habit.

X - X-Ray's you've had - Tbh, I feel like I've had a lot. My arm when I broke it as a child. My finger when I slammed it in a car door in college. My chest when I was having the worst acid reflux of life a couple years ago. That might be it, who knows, I'm a mess.

Y - Your favorite food - BREAD. You might think I'm kidding, but it literally is. Otherwise, Chicken Francese with penne. YAS.

Z - Zodiac sign - Virgo. Which I actually highly identify with, although I don't necessarily believe in all this nonsense. They're loyal, overly critical, analytical, perfectionists, worry a lot...very me.

So yeah, that's my little jump-back-into-blogging post. Stay tuned for another post coming shortly. Possibly this's in the works. :)

Have a fantastic Friday peoples!

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